Chunder-bot Used to Confirm How Viruses Spread

Norovirus is famed for sending cruise ships scurrying back to port to unload hordes of violently ill passengers. Aside from its brutal symptoms—vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, and a general sense that death would be a fine option—the virus is famed for how easily it spreads. It has generally been assumed that the vomiting portion of the symptoms scatters small particles of liquid that carry the virus to new surfaces.

Source: Chunder-bot used to confirm how viruses spread

They built a vomiting simulator…

Diarrhea Outbreak Found to Be Linked to Hot Tubs and Pools

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention released a report this week on the outbreaks, which spanned 32 states and Puerto Rico, led to 1,788 cases, 95 hospitalizations, and one death. Half of the incidents associated with treated recreational water—pools and hot tubs—were caused by cryptosporidium, a parasite found in fecal matter that causes diarrhea. That’s a large increase since the first cryptosporidium-related outbreak was detected in 1988, the CDC said.

Source: CDC Finds Increase in Outbreaks Linked to Hot Tubs and Pools

Always bring bleach if you are staying in a room with a tub with jets. You know the tubes for the jets? Those rarely get run through with cleaning agents.

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