Make a Fluffy, Puffy Omelette by Folding in Whipped Egg Whites

Delicate, crepe-like omelettes have their delicious time and place, but if you want to take breakfast to puffy new heights, you’ll need to separate out the whites and whip ‘em good.

Source: Make a Fluffy, Puffy Omelette by Folding in Whipped Egg Whites

Another great variation on this is to fold shredded cheese into the beaten whites and beaten yokes (put some cream into the yokes), put it all into an oven-proof omelette pan. Cook the bottom until it bubbles around the edges, sprinkle grated parmesan over the top and put it under the broiler (in other words, don’t fold it). The whole thing will puff up like a souffle. Keep it there until it’s lightly brown on the top, take it out and enjoy. You can slide it out of the pan and cut it like a pie.

The Key to Perfectly Cheesy, Melty Omelettes

Here’s a perennial omelette problem: You want the cheese in the center to be warm and melted, but by the time the cheese melts, the eggs are overcooked. Conversely, you can have perfectly tender curds of egg, but barely melted cheese. What’s the solution?

The trick is to give the cheese a head start in melting by mixing it with hot ingredients.

Source: The Food Lab: A Quick Guide to Stuffing Omelettes

I’ll try this, but the best thing I ever did was learn how to make an omelette, French style, from old Julia Child videos on YouTube:

Make Quick, Easy Filled Omelettes in a Panini Press

This, my friends, is something you must try. When Lynne B. put this on my lap, it was almost too charming to eat! It looked like an omelette, but had the tell-tale signs of a panini grill. I thought it brilliant (and delicious!) Thus, the panomelette was born.

Source: Omelette + Panini = Panomelette!

Is it really worth the trouble of having to clean out a panini press to make something as simple as an omelette?

For Richer Scrambled Eggs, Use Sour Cream Instead of Milk

…assuming you use dairy products.  There is vitamin K in sour cream, but you take a lesson from Gordon Ramsey and use Crème Fraîche – which supposedly does not have any vitamin K:

Greek yogurt is another alternative, and my recipe calls for water so as not to alienate the lactose intolerant.  The taste/texture hasn’t been an issue to me – I usually add sauteed mushrooms & onions, grape/cherry tomatoes, and sriracha.  Almost an omelette, and some originally were planned to be omelettes… 😉