Badass Historical Chemists: Alice Hamilton Versus Absolutely Everyone

Alice Hamilton was one of those people who used science to shape morality. Basic concepts like sanitation, worker safety, and proper chemical disposal exist because she proved there was no other choice. She was also one of the first to speak out about the growing threat of Nazi Germany.

Source: Badass Historical Chemists: Alice Hamilton Versus Absolutely Everyone

On the FBI watch list well into her nineties. That’s impressive!

Avoid Olive Oil In Your Wok (and Other Wok Cooking Tips)

As Martin Yan always says: “It’s stir-fry, not stare-fry”.

High heat, loud sizzles, and a fast-paced, constant rocking motion. No, we’re not describing a summer blockbuster—we’re talking about cooking in a wok.

Watching vegetables, meat, and aromatics go from raw to crisp in seconds makes stir-frying in a wok a wicked way to cook. Yet so often, cooking in a wok reduces ingredients to a floppy, goopy mess. Why? Because we tend to treat woks like they’re skillets. And they’re not.

Source: How to Master Cooking With a Wok

Some other oil options, with respect to smoke point:

  • Raw coconut oil tops out ~350 F, but refined coconut oil is just over 400 F
  • Avocado oil is 375-400 F

…but sometimes you want to have a little oil smoke for flavor.  Maybe not good for your health, but so tasty…

How does the “marinade but keep dry” thing work?

If it’s meat, take it out of the marinade with some tongs and let it drip dry for a few seconds and before putting it in the wok. If you’re using sauce on veggies, put it in at the last possible second – just long enough to heat it up.