How Sex Can Cure Your Fear Of Flying

Are you one of those people who white-knuckles your way through a 30-minute flight, afraid that if you stopped thinking about keeping the plane in the air for even a minute that it would immediately drop out of the sky like a useless aluminum can? If so, we’ve got some sexy news for you.

Source: How Sex Can Cure Your Fear Of Flying

I don’t have a fear of flying myself.  I think I can recite the info session off by heart, and enjoyed turbulence.  I mean, there is nothing you can do in the event of the airplane breaking up.

But I haven’t flown since going on warfarin/coumadin.  I’ve been sticking to travelling by other means – boat, car, train. If I did fly, I’d be keen to wear [medical grade] compression socks while in the air.

Yes, Oxytocin Makes You More Trusting and Generous. So Does Booze.

“The Moral Molecule.” “The Cuddle Hormone.” If you’ve been paying attention the past few years, you’ve heard about many of the near-magical effects of the hormone oxytocin on the brain. It makes people more altruistic. It reduces anxiety and increases trust. But it’s not the only chemical that affects the brain that way.

Source: Yes, Oxytocin Makes You More Trusting and Generous. So Does Booze.

Fairly similar.  One day, we’ll actually understand what’s actually happening.

Compassion: Changing the World and Ourselves

…what if recognising our shared humanity was more than just a sentimental ideal? What if consciously practising kindness could change the wiring of your brain and make you live longer?

This is neuroscience’s latest frontier – a growing body of research that shows compassion could be the key to improved health, happiness and longevity.

Brain imaging reveals that exercising compassion stimulates the same pleasure centres associated with the drive for food, water and sex.

Other studies show it can be protective against disease and increase lifespan.

Source: Changing the world and ourselves through compassion

Interesting read, but light on the science.

And you have nice hair!

Sorry, but I don’t believe altruism exists.  Doing something compassionate to be seen as such is in fact selfish.  And I’ve seen compassion make people rather myopic, sneering at what they’d label as socialism – social programs to support the aftermath of their political views.