“Dangerous Paleo Diet” Study is Ragged With Holes

There’s a deep sense of irony in adding to a never-ending series of headlines on a study that shouldn’t have had any attention paid to it at all. But the publication on the dangers of the “paleo” diet that’s spawned countless headlines is so flawed that it’s worth exploring why it got so much attention.

Source: “Dangerous paleo diet” study is ragged with holes

I hate how the popular press covers nutrition and health. Popular journalism on this is a garbage fire. Its terrible.

You get dubious results like this ampped up to full volume. You get an emphasis on in individual isolated studies instead of a focus on broad scientific evidence. You get idiots like Dr. Oz and Michael Pollan taken as credible experts on things, and even given TV shows to spew their garbage. You get blatant pseudoscience that contradicts the scientific consensus taken as a credible/sensible opinion.

Yes, Paleo Dieters, Ancient Humans Ate Carbs Too

Yes, yes, you can tell me all about why I definitely shouldn’t be eating those mashed potatoes in a moment. But right now, I’ve got some news for you (and some potatoes to eat).

A new study in September’s Quarterly Review of Biology attempts to do some forensic reconstruction of ancient human diets using an interesting method: looking at physiological changes and the nutrition that would have been necessary to support them. Of particular interest to the researchers were a pair of salivary amylase genes that began to rise a million years or so ago, along with the rise of cooking.

Source: Yes, Paleo Dieters, Ancient Humans Ate Carbs Too

What always bugged me about ‘paleo’… ancient humans ate whatever was handy. If grains and tubers were nearby, that’s what people ate. The diet of someone in the tundra is vastly different from someone in Polynesia, whose diet was different from someone in the rain forest.

This Table Shows You the Restricted Diet Options for Major Airlines

It takes extra planning, constant ingredient checking and explaining that chicken is, in fact, meat when traveling as a vegetarian. Never mind you paleo eaters.

Sure, there’s no free food on domestic flights anymore but at least everyone knows you need to eat when you’re flying halfway across the world. Complimentary food is a mainstay of international flights and most airlines will accommodate all types of passengers with special diets that range from low-sodium to halal. This is your guide to those special meals, whether you’re vegan or Hindu.

Source: The Picky Eater’s Guide to Airline Food

The table covers offerings related to vegan, vegetarian, medical, religious, and allergy restrictions. If two airlines have tickets at the same price, you could use their meal offerings to make your choice. Of all the airlines included, Singapore and JAL has the most options for different kinds of restrictions. United and Qantas accommodate the least amount of food restrictions.

You should call the airline a few days before your flight to confirm that your meal request has been taken care of.

We Fed Cookies Made Out Of Bugs To Our Coworkers…

You may feel squeamish about chomping down insects with their eyes, legs, and antennae still intact, but would you eat insects if they were disguised in butter and sugar-filled cookies? We baked chocolate chip cookies made from pulverized insects and brought them to our office where our brave coworkers tasted them.

Some time between taking those smelly cricket cookies out of the oven and feeding them to our officemates, it occurred to us that we had made cookies out of meat.

Source: We Fed Cookies Made Out Of Bugs To Our Coworkers. Here’s What Happened.

I missed a co-worker bringing in BBQ crickets the other day 😦