Prescription Medications Get Trapped in Disturbing Pee-to-Food-to-Pee Loop

If you think your “organic” crops are free of synthetic chemicals, urine for a shock. 😉

In a randomized, single-blind pilot study, researchers found that anticonvulsive epilepsy drug carbamazepine, which is released in urine, can accumulate in crops irrigated with recycled water—treated sewage—and end up in the urine of produce-eaters not on the drugs. The study, published Tuesday in Environmental Science & Technology, is the first to validate the long-held suspicion that pharmaceuticals may get trapped in infinite pee-to-food-to-pee loops, exposing consumers to drug doses with unknown health effects.

Source: Prescription meds get trapped in disturbing pee-to-food-to-pee loop

It’s a red flag for me when the researchers add an unknown variable right in the middle of the study (they “ran out of vegetables grown with reclaimed water” and used grocery store vegetables instead, which they assumed would be a mix) rather than start the study over, especially when the study is only over the period of two weeks and a relatively small number of participants.

The issue of filtration in reclaimed water is key.  And we have recycled drugs from patients urine before.

  • Joke’s on you: I don’t eat salad!
  • It’s not really food coma, it’s just recycled valium!

I had to get that out of my system 😉

Lobsters Have the Craziest Sex You’ve Never Heard Of, and Yes, It Involves Urine

Lobsters like their foreplay.

Lucky for the females, 25 million years have provided ample time to refine their skills as apothecaries. Arriving at the entrance of an aggressive male’s shelter, all a female lobster needs to do is spritz him with some of her pee, a little each day over several days, and he will be putty in her claws.

Source: Lobsters Have the Craziest Sex You’ve Never Heard Of, and Yes, It Involves Urine

Someone on the subway used to try to court me this way but I didn’t understand.  Missed connection?

The Real Reason You Get Red Eyes After Swimming Is Gross

Picture yourself with your very own backyard pool. There you are, drifting on an inflatable raft, wearing a cute bikini, sipping a fruity drink, wiping the urine from your eyes…wait—what now? Sometimes ignorance is bliss when it comes the germs you’re being exposed to on the regular—otherwise how would you leave the house? But the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) would prefer you actually learned something about these issues.

Source: It’s Not Chlorine That Turns Your Eyes Red in the Pool: IT’S PEE

This is why we can’t have nice things.  …and why you wear swim goggles.

Thankfully, Doctors Are Making a Catheter That Hurts Less

If you’ve ever had a urinary catheter, you’ll know they’re unpleasant. If you haven’t, imagine someone threading a tube up through your urethra into your bladder and … yes, yes they hurt. Mercifully, scientists are working out how to make the process less painful. Here’s how.

Source: Thankfully, Doctors Are Making a Catheter That Hurts Less

Surely, someone is taking the piss?

Why You Definitely Shouldn’t Drink Your Own Pee

During his 127-hour ordeal under that boulder, backpacker Aaron Ralston resorted to consuming his own urine in order to stay alive before eventually hacking off his own forearm and escaping. This was an extreme survival case, and pretty much the only time you should even consider drinking from your own spigot. Here’s why.

Source: Why You Definitely Shouldn’t Drink Your Own Pee

It doesn’t make sense that ingesting waste water would be a good idea.