If You Could Take a Pill to Improve Your Creativity, Would You?

Sure, who wouldn’t want to be more creative? But what about a pill to improve your self-control, or sociability? What if you enjoy being impulsive, or revel in your alone time? If a pharmacological enhancement changed a defining aspect of your personality, how would it change your perception of that enhancement?

Source: If You Could Take a Pill to Improve Your Creativity, Would You?

The findings were interesting.  I disagree with what the subjects were assessed with wanting to improve only innate abilities.  If I’m already good at something, I want to improve where I’m not.  But the finding is consistent with another study where people were found to generally not want to see others improve.

Stop Apologizing for Being a “Slow” Runner

Being a “slow” runner is merely a state of mind. Don’t let that affect your running.

Source: If You Run Slow, Who Cares?

I needed this article.  I wasn’t making noticeable improvements, and that was before breaking my rib.  But I did make a personal best this season, and I have started to see different things in my run so that I might do better in the future.

I’m quite surprised to read that a sub-14 minute 5 KM is not in the top 500 runners.  The fastest I’ve witnessed was a 16 minute…

New Injectable Brain Implants Take Us One Step Closer To A Cyborg Future

A simple injection is now all it takes to wire up a brain. A diverse team of physicists, neuroscientists and chemists has implanted mouse brains with a rolled-up, silky mesh studded with tiny electronic devices, and shown that it unfurls to spy on and stimulate individual neurons.

The implant has the potential to unravel the workings of the mammalian brain in unprecedented detail. “I think it’s great, a very creative new approach to the problem of recording from large number of neurons in the brain,” says Rafael Yuste, director of the Neuro­technology Center at Columbia University in New York, who was not involved in the work.

Source: Injectable brain implant spies on individual neurons

<Simpsons>Don’t be readin’ me thoughts between 4 and 5. That’s Willy’s time!</Simpsons>

Why You Crave Tomato Juice on an Airplane

Despite the fact that I never drink tomato juice on the ground, I’m once again craving the drink in mid air. In fact, on the very first flight I took as a kid – from Athens, Greece to Toronto back in 1991 – I distinctly remember ordering tomato juice. Now, why would a 10-year old kid crave tomato juice? And why am I now having the same craving?

Source: Why You Crave Tomato Juice on an Airplane

The comments echo my thoughts as well – who craves tomato juice, let alone when?  Now I crave a ginger ale…

Women Suffer From Heart Attacks to Avoid Being Called ‘Hypochondriacs’

In a small study published Tuesday in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, Lichtman and her colleagues looked into why women delay getting help. The researchers conducted in-depth interviews with 30 women, ages 30 to 55, who had been hospitalized after a heart attack.

It turned out that many had trouble recognizing that they were having symptoms of a heart attack. “A lot of them talk about not really experiencing the Hollywood heart attack,” Lichtman tells Shots.

…”Historically we thought of heart disease as sort of a man’s disease,” Parikh says. “But that’s not the case.”

Source: Younger Women Hesitate To Say They’re Having A Heart Attack

We need more education on the symptoms of heart attacks so that people don’t brush them off.  Delaying care is not a good idea – for reference: Heart Attack Symptoms in Women.

On the point of misdiagnosis – my first pulmonary embolism was correctly diagnosed at a walk-in clinic.  I was then directed to get to the hospital emergency ward for treatment to begin…  According to the emergency ward staff, they did not believe me and royally botched things.  To the point that I was in the room as my hematologist phoned them up to chew them out.  People are human, it happens.

Sometimes, you need to take charge of your care.  Be proactive.  That might mean getting a second opinion.  How receptive medical staff will be can depend on how you bring up the issue.

The Price of a Buffet Can Affect Your Perception of Its Taste

A study published in the Journal of Sensory Studies found that the amount diners paid for an all-you-can-eat (AYCE) buffet determined how good they thought the food tasted. Those who paid $4 for an Italian lunch buffet thought the pizza was “less tasty, less satisfactory and less enjoyable” than did those who paid $8 for the same buffet. What’s more, those who paid only $4 reported that the more they ate, the worse the food tasted, whereas those who paid $8 had no such sense of diminishing enjoyment.

Source: The Pitfalls of the Cheap All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

Admittedly, it’s not about taste so much as satisfaction.

Vegas buffets operate at a loss. The intention of these buffets are to get you go to or stay at the casino. Presumably you are paying less for higher quality food (at least at this particular group of casinos).