Sound Waves Separate Rare Cancer Cells From Blood

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are a rare type of cancer cell that are found in the blood stream of patients with localized tumors. Successful separation of CTCs from blood could serve as a liquid biopsy to help diagnose cancer and monitor treatment progress. A deeper understanding of CTCs could also lead to a better understanding of the most deadly cancer process: metastasis, where cancer cells leave established tumors and migrate to other locations in the body.

Source: Sound waves separate rare cancer cells from blood

It’s a proof of concept.

Harvest Energy From Your Jaw as You Snack/Talk

Are you sick and tired of wasting potentially tens of calories suboptimally chewing? If so, a pair of researchers from Montreal, Aidin Delnavaz and Jérémie Voix, have a solution: the piezoelectric chin-strap.

All you have to do is chew and talk and grind your jaw as per your usual doses of coffee and 5-Hour Energy, and the device provides tiny bits of juice that might be used to power hearing aids, wearable electronics, or some so-far unrealized implantable device of the cyborg future. And if you’re already a cyborg, why not just go for it, eh?

Source: Sure, a Chin Strap That Harvests Energy from Chewing

I think riding a bike to generate electricity would produce more, and be better exercise.