Homeopathy Successfully Turns Water Into a Placebo

After a thorough evaluation of 57 scientific reviews that encompassed 176 studies on 68 illnesses, a panel of health experts has once again concluded that homeopathy is at best a placebo (when it’s not being potentially harmful).

Source: Homeopathy successfully turns water into a placebo

From my experience, most people don’t actually know that homeopathy is a specific thing.  For them, it’s just a name for “alternative medicine”, i.e. anything not by the medical-industrial complex that suppresses millennia-old medicinal truths to sell their evil chemistry.

Price of Medication Impacts Efficacy

Just like the old Gypsy woman said!  Kidding – just like the buffet

In a recent study, an “expensive” salt solution was shown to to be significantly more effective at managing the symptoms of patients with Parkinson’s disease than an “inexpensive” one. The salt solutions were identical placebos.

Source: For Patients with Parkinson’s Disease, Expensive Placebo Works Better

Placebo effects mostly operate on highly subjective symptoms like pain, nausea, mental performance (i.e. coordination, mental acuity, alertness, mood etc). It also has some effect in temporarily boosting immunity, as it has long been determined that stress influences it. And when the patients have been told that they are on placebos, the effect rapidly reverses.

Also, there is the fact that only 30% of the population is susceptible to placebo effects. And the effectiveness of placebos are highly overblown in the lay literature.

The “Nocebo Effect” Can Trick Us Into Actually Dying

Mind over matter…

The “nocebo effect” is like the placebo effect, except in reverse. Whereas placebos trick people into feeling better, “nocebos” are things that make people feel worse, even though they don’t really exist. They can even kill people! Here’s how we can trick ourselves into dying, and how doctors may have found a cure.

Source: How The “Nocebo Effect” Can Trick Us Into Actually Dying

We’ve seen this in numerous aspects – WiFi sickness (not real), those who claim issues relating to gluten (as opposed to those who actually are sensitive/allergic)…  A lot of chemical intolerance tests do show this as well.