The Government Uses Toxic Chemicals To Stop You Drinking Hand Sanitizer

During Prohibition, the US Government put toxic chemicals into any products that contained alcohol, just to make sure nobody would drink them. Now, Prohibition is long over… but the policy of adding poison to alcoholic products has never ended. Here are the deadly additives that are only there to keep you drinking stuff.

Source: The Government Uses Toxic Chemicals To Stop You Drinking Hand Sanitizer

Most hospitals switched hand sanitizers for that exact reason. Homeless alcoholics were coming in to steal the packs out of the dispensers. The hospitals had to get the poison ones because they were hemorrhaging so much money on the drinkable stuff.  You’d think they’d be worried someone will get poisoned to death?

The Most Terrifying Fish Dishes Ever Served

We all love seafood — but the ocean can be a terrifying place. The ocean depths are home to some deadly and poisonous creatures… so of course, people always try to eat them. Here are the scariest fish dishes you could possibly eat.

Source: The Most Terrifying Fish Dishes Ever Served

The article is incorrect – they’re not beheading the squid.  They’re cutting its abdomen off.  The brain of a squid is wrapped around its esophagus (between its eyes) – it’s very much is alive and very much with brain when they start to pour soy sauce on it.

The fact that a cephalopod brain is wrapped around its esophagus is what renders those fantasies of future cephalopod overlords so silly, because a bigger brain would mean they’d starve to death.

Nutmeg: The Gateway Drug

Of all the well-loved seasonal spices, nutmeg stands out for its long and slightly twisted history. In the Middle Ages, it was used to end unwanted pregnancies. More recently, desperate prisoners embraced it as a rather miserable drug substitute. So, on occasion, have teenagers, some of whom wound up at poison control centers. A couple of years ago, a man in Sweden claimed that nutmeg had induced him to spit at strangers on the street.

…it rapidly gained a reputation as a seed of unusual potency, strong enough to fight infection (including the Black Plague), stimulating enough to bring on menstruation, poisonous enough to induce an abortion. It also earned shady credentials for inducing a kind of hazy, drug-like high that could include hallucinations.

Source: A Warning on Nutmeg

This is your brain… this is your brain on eggnog…  Before you know it, you’re putting on holiday sweaters.  Being cheerful and… philanthropic.

Did you hear about the dyslexic goth?  Sold their soul to Santa 🙂  Which, if you know the Krampus stories…  If you don’t mind subtitles, Rare Exports might be worth a watch.