Quebec Strawberry has Potential to Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Quebec may be known for maple syrup and poutine, but perhaps soon strawberries can be added to the list. A varietal known as the Authentic Orleans strawberry appears to help reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Source: Quebec strawberry has potential to reduce Type 2 diabetes risk

Don’t go running out for strawberries just yet.  The findings are preliminary, but more fruit & veg is always a good idea.

The Great Olive Oil Swindle

Sure, it can be misconstrued as pretentiousness, but after a decade of producing her own, she’s an olive oil insider, intimate with last year’s poor harvest. 2014 was a black year for olive oil, a 15-year low in global production that saw key producers like Spain, Italy and Morocco’s output falling 40 to 50 per cent below average.

Source: The great olive oil swindle

It’s not the first time olive oil fraud has been covered, but the nice part about the article is it provides a couple of things to look for when tasting.  I’ve noticed there’s no smell in the normal olive oil I’ve bought to date, but the extra virgin does.  I’ll have to review to figure out if it’s proper.

Potato Extract: Prevents Weight Gain in Mice

Potatoes have long been thought of as a starch-filled food that pack a big punch on your plates — but that could also pack on pounds.

But recent lab testing being undertaken by researchers at Montreal’s McGill University indicates the humble potato could actually provide a key to weight control.

Their research indicates potato extract has been shown to prevent obesity in mice.

…”The one dose of the potato extract is equivalent to eating 30 potatoes. Thirty regular-sized table potatoes,” said Lou Agellon a professor with McGill’s School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition.

Source: Potato extract could prevent weight gain, McGill research indicates

The article claims the extract is working by blocking the fat absorption – but it’s excess calories that are stored as fat, not fat being fat on our bodies.  We know that increased saturated fat food consumption doesn’t lead to fat in the blood