Give Your Leftover Potato Salad New Life By Roasting It

It was a pretty simple potato salad: large cubes of potatoes, skin on, tossed with mayonnaise, mustard, salt, pepper, red wine vinegar, and the last of the season’s chopped ramps. Mayonnaise is mostly oil, and the rest of it amounts to seasoning, so we figured toss it in the oven and see what happens.

Source: Turn Leftover Potato Salad Into Crispy Roasted Potatoes

…you could make potato salad out of it again, after roasting!

How to Make Healthy Choices at a Summer BBQ

Salad is just lettuce nachos ­čśë

Not sure what your healthiest options are when faced with an impressive spread at a summer barbeque?  We asked nutrition and wellness expert Rose Reisman to chime in on our best (and worst) options at backyard shindigs this summer.

Source: This or that? How to make healthy choices at a summer barbecue

I’m surprised to see a crisp suggested as a dessert.┬á I thought they were largely sugar, with some fruit.