Create a Base Sauce on Sunday You Can Customize for Quick Weekday Meals

If you know you’ve got a crazy-busy week ahead, take a few hours over the weekend and do all five of these things. If the week ahead is looking a little less hectic, just knock a few of these off the list. Even if you only have time for one thing, it will help you cook better, smarter, and faster throughout your week.

Source: 5 Things to Do This Weekend to Make Weeknight Cooking Easier

I do stuff like this, making navy beans and mashed sweet potato that I’ll use throughout the week.  Stuff that can be microwaved in a minute or two, so I can quickly eat to maximize digestion time before doing something.

Stop Peeling Your Root Vegetables

I have a confession that would make my culinary school instructor (a mildly terrifying Frenchman from Corsica whom we called “Chef X”) get red in the face, shout, and pelt me with potatoes: I don’t always peel my vegetables. In fact, I rarely do. Carrots? Yeah, right. Beets? Absolutely not. Potatoes? I would never! Squash? Well, depending on the variety, I don’t even peel those babies, either. Not only is it much easier to skip that step, but the skin is where all the good stuff—i.e. fiber—is at.

Source: Nope, You Don’t Have to Peel Carrots, Beets, or Even Squash

If you’re concerned about pesticides, then you should peel your veggies.  But you’ll ingest the pesticides anyways – root vegetables would have absorbed them as part of growing and would have very little on the surface.  Given that synthetic pesticides are safer to consume than organic ones by virtue of being designed as such…you really have nothing to worry about.

Do You Cook with Your Kids?

Want to involve your kids in cooking? We’ve put together a list of all the ways young kids can help out in the kitchen, with activities tailored to their age and ability. So whether they’re two or 10, you can train up a little sous chef!

Source: How Young Kids Can Help in the Kitchen

It’s a great life skill, and it’s been suggested as therapy for treating depression and stress.  I have a co-worker who is keen to teach his kids how to cook by starting with the things they like – various desserts.  And they too have to learn about chopping onions eventually? 😉