Try These Advanced Push-Up Variations for a More Challenging Workout

I recently joined the team at Cressey Sports Performance as head group fitness instructor, and I’ve noticed that a lot of people (athletes included) have trouble with Push-Ups.

That’s why I want to show you ways we use the Push-Up in group training. When a Push-Up is done correctly, it has a lot going for it. Not only can it help you get stronger, it can also burn fat and make you a better athlete.

The Push-Up teaches you to move all the different parts of your body as one.

Source: Why Push-Ups Are Great and Five Ways to Make Them Harder

Let’s add the Plyometric Pushup (Clapping) or go completely airborne with the Superman Pushup (the jumping one or the fully-extended one), You can go off the ground with Plyo as well.

Please, if you’re going to attempt those, start on a padded surface and do not land with locked elbows. Do these really work your chest the way grounded pushups do? No, but they’re a lot of fun, or if you’re just one of those people that has to get Bro-Points.

Try These Exercise Modifications If You Have an Injury or Chronic Pain

If you are recovering from an injury, have a mild disability that prevents you from doing certain moves, have bad knees or are suffering from back pain and you want to avoid high impact exercises but you still want to stay active and try some of the workouts from this website, try these modifications.

The modifications will also be suitable if you are trying to keep the noise you make to a minimum – it’s handy if you live in an apartment and your neighbours are … not very understanding people.

Source: Modifications/Exercise Alternatives

Well, you could play the “Game of Thrones” intro music loud to get away with anything.  I’m just saying… 😉

Working out is much less enjoyable if you have bad knees, chronic back pain, or recovering from an injury. You can still exercise without the stress by modifying classic moves.

What to Do If Push-Ups Hurt Your Wrists

It’s hard to get stronger by doing planks and push-ups if your wrists can’t comfortably support your weight. Here are some strategies to work around those tight wrists and eventually improve your strength in them.

Source: What to Do If Push-Ups Hurt Your Wrists

Using something as a handle – kettle bell/etc – can really help.

These Bodyweight Exercises Push You Beyond Push-Ups

Becoming a master of cool bodyweight exercises takes years of dedicated and specialized practice, but everyone has to start somewhere. In this article, I’ll teach you two great skills to get you started on your journey toward learning advanced bodyweight and gymnastics movements.

Source: Move Like a Ninja: A Beginner’s Guide to Bodyweight Skills

Sure, I come across this while still healing from a broken rib…

Leg scales.  I can’t remember (if I even knew) the yoga posture, but I know I’ve done the advanced version in yoga class.  No pulsing to lift/lower the leg however.  The back scale?  The advanced version I know as “airplane”.  Front-to-back?  I think an instructor has subjected me to this once or twice…

Yep, Peacock/Mayurasana…  I’m hoping this will help with the legs portion of the planche.  The arms part is easy, once you get the anchoring right.