Study: Why Candy Cap Mushrooms Taste like Maple Syrup

Candy cap mushrooms have become a trendy food. These unusual little things taste exactly like maple syrup – to the point where the extract from them is put in cakes and ice cream. Chemists finally found out why, after over twenty-five years of research.

Source: Chemists Discover Why This Mushroom Tastes Like Maple Syrup

I wonder if the real reason it took so long (~25 years) is that like the Giant tortoise – they were eaten before they could be tested (youtube, 6:57 minutes).

Cutlery: Design and Materials Change How We Taste

Chances are, you’ve spent more time thinking about the specs on your smartphone than about the gadgets that you use to put food in your mouth. But the shape and material properties of forks, spoons, and knives turn out to matter—a lot. Changes in the design of cutlery have not only affected how and what we eat, but also what our food tastes like. There’s even evidence that the adoption of the table knife transformed the shape of European faces.

Source: The Design of Spoons and Knives Can Change the Way We Taste Food

Now I know why people talk of having a golden spoon in their mouth…

I haven’t seen anything mentioning chopsticks, but it’s believed that:

  • Using a knife to cut things into smaller pieces made our mouths evolve to be smaller
  • Use of cutlery has led us to develop an overbite

The QI page on cutlery is a brief but interesting read.  Never watched QI?  You’re missing out.