What’s the Best Way to Clean a Red Wine Stain?

Nothing stops a party in its tracks like spilling a glass of red wine on white clothing. Everyone clamors for their go-to method of cleaning the stain before it sets. Seltzer! Salt! Incantations! But do any of them actually work? Today we test a few commonly suggested methods for cleaning red wine.

Source: What’s the Best Way to Clean a Red Wine Stain?

The correct answer is OxiClean. Red wine drinkers know this is the only thing that will save your ass when you dump a glass of red wine on your carpet or white shirt.

“Drunken” Pasta Makes for Quick, Delicious Weeknight Meals

They suggest garlic, red pepper, fresh herbs, grated parmesan or romano cheese, olive oil, onions, even cannellini beans if you want to make it a little heartier.

If you decide to add aromatics like garlic or dried herbs, simmer them in olive oil first and add some of the cooking liquid from the pasta. The starches in the cooking liquid will help mingle the flavours together. Just before you serve the pasta, toss in those extra ingredients.

Exactly Why Red Wine Helps Prevent Cancer …in Mice

How many times has your grandmother said the secret to her ripe old age was never missing happy hour? While the key factors to longevity have been debated fiercely, grandma might be on to something.

New research is emerging proving red wine can in fact help to prevent cancer.

The advantages are purely from the consumption of red wine. Scotch, vodka and even white wine do not have these positive effects as they do not contain resveratrol.  And while you may think taking a massive daily supplement of resveratrol would do the trick in preventing you from getting cancer, Robert says there’s been no proof that it helps.

Source: Exactly Why Red Wine Helps Prevent Cancer

The article barely mentions that this was only demonstrated in mice, and they were hoping to see if other lab animals showed similar results.  Meanwhile, red wine sales soar…

Reminder: Alcohol is addictive, laden with empty calories, and socially complex. Be careful™.