Make Root Vegetables Last Longer by Removing the Tops

Vegetables do inherently warrant some sense of urgency. They are fresh ingredients and only have so much time to live after harvest. However, there are many factors that affect a vegetable’s life, from the time you get it into your kitchen to the time you prepare it. You can extend its shelf life longer than you think. The right storage conditions play a big role, but there are other ways that you can preserve produce longer, and make the most out of your produce purchases.

Source: 10 Tips to Give Your Vegetables a Long and Happy Shelf Life

Root vegetables leaves keep pulling water from their roots even after they’ve been harvested, which is why removing the tops ASAP helps keep your veggies plump and tasty for longer.

You can use the tops to make things like pesto, but these are generally high in vitamin K so I would only recommend serving to others if you have INR concerns.