Quick Pickle Pretty Much Anything with One Simple Ratio

Ask me what I’d do with nearly any summer vegetable, and the answer is almost always the same: “Pickle it.” Yellow squash, pickle it. Green beans, pickle them. Cherries, pickle those too. It’s hard to beat the sharp tang and crisp snap of a good quick pickle, a fast and easy process that leaves them tasting of summer.

Source: How to Pickle Basically Everything

I’ll have to make room by eating the oven roasted peppers I did a while back…

Add a Pinch of Salt to Fruit for Enhanced, Fruitier Flavor

Using salt on both ripe and unripened fruit should be your new kitchen trick.

Source: Salt, Meet Fruit

The trick is to put on just a little – just enough to make the flavor ‘pop’. If you can taste salt, you’ve put on way too much. Also, I find iodized salt just a bit bitter, so if you’re getting a bitter note try a sea salt, finely ground.