All The Food Safety Questions You’ll Have On Thanksgiving Day, Answered

Family disagreements at Thanksgiving aren’t limited to politics at the dinner table: if you’ve ever stood in the kitchen arguing with your grandma about whether the turkey is done, you know what we mean. So we asked food safety expert Ben Chapman to settle your most likely disputes.

Source: All The Food Safety Questions You’ll Have On Thanksgiving Day, Answered

The US government is now posting warnings advising against cooking the stuffing inside the bird, since the correct cooking time for the turkey is not long enough to ensure that the stuffing is cooked enough to be safe.  Stuff the bird after cooking to get that extra flavour boost without the food safety worries because the turkey meat tends to hit the appropriate temperature before the stuffing does.

Quickly Rinse Rice and Other Grains With a French Press

Without fail, every single time I’d cook rice it would either be too dry or too wet, and always I’d find this out moments before it was to be served. It was irritating — how could I manage to always mess up such a simple dish? But I decided, rather than give in and buy a rice cooker (I’d still like one if I could justify the NYC-sized cupboard space), it was time to take control of my rice.

Source: 6 Tips That (Mostly) Cured My Fear of Cooking Rice

It’s more efficient with it’s water use, makes making smaller portions simpler, and seems like a little bit less of a hassle than a bowl and strainer.  But if you’re doing larger portions, a bowl of water and a strainer would be a better idea.

Salad Spinner: 10 Alternate Uses

Those who eat a lot of salad probably swear by a salad spinner and use it often enough to justify the large amount of cabinet space it takes up. But there are those who need some more convincing to justify buying or keeping this bulky kitchen tool.

Here are 10 more ways to put a salad spinner to good use so it comes out of the uni-tasker pile and becomes a hardworking part of your kitchen!

Source: 10 Alternate Uses for Your Salad Spinner