Cop Asks Jogger To Run On Sidewalk, Arrests Her When She Doesn’t

MLive has dashcam footage of a Michigan woman who was arrested on Jan. 2 after she ignored a cop who stopped her and asked her to run on the sidewalk. There’s a lot of yelling.

Vera Pecaj, a 40-year-old teacher from Brighton, was jogging in Green Oak Township when Officer Michael Jain pulled up next to her in his vehicle and asked her to move from the road onto the sidewalk.

Source: Cop Asks Jogger To Run On Sidewalk, Arrests Her When She Doesn’t

Just another reason why I run on trails.  I still deal with issues largely due to obliviousness, but it’s less than otherwise.

Anyone Can Be A Good Runner

As global warming blesses much of the country with a premature spring, there is no better time to finally achieve your dream of becoming a runner. It’s probably too late for the Olympics, but the great thing about running is that literally anybody can do it, and it costs almost no money. No matter what your background is or current shape, you can become a runner, and gain all the benefits of running like being healthier, feeling better, and living longer. So here’s how you do it, from before your first run to after your 100th.

Source: Anyone Can Be A Good Runner

I have to warn about the pooping.  THE POOPING…

Runners love to trade pooping horror stories, but (knock on wood) I haven’t yet had to squat down in an alley and shit with only a rock for toilet paper during a run. It seems to be more of a trail runner thing, when they’re much farther from adequate facilities?

Heart Risk? Marathoners Have Increased Artery Plaque

Who do you think would have more artery clogging in the heart: (A) a group of sedentary, overweight men; or (B) a group of men who are slightly older, much leaner, and have run at least one marathon annually for 25 years?

Source: Heart Risk? Marathoners Have Increased Artery Plaque

The sample size isn’t terribly large, and while the study says they couldn’t pinpoint why the plaque was happening.  But from numerous people I’ve spoken to, there’s a percentage who run marathons/etc but eat poorly.  Those that eat poorly, due so because they are looking to consumer lots of calories, salt, or just “reward” themselves with nutritionally poor food.