These Sick Sneakers Are Made From Ocean Garbage

The whole thing is a shameless pr move to keep people from being reminded most sneakers are made with child labor at fifty cents an hour in miserable working conditions.

There are ocean pollution groups that go around freeing hundreds of nets that have been caught on rocks or reefs, they have been doing it for years. Up until now they usually end up in a trash dump. Adidas bought a couple of them for next to nothing and created this stupid marketing campaign to make it lookmtheynare “making a difference”.

50 pairs? Ya, that will save the ocean.

What’s the Difference Between All These Running Apps?

A lot has changed since we picked our favorite running apps a few years ago. Now there are tons of apps that save your stats in the cloud and let you share runs with your Facebook friends, but they’re each different enough you might have a hard time picking the right one for you. Here’s how to choose.

Source: What’s the Difference Between All These Running Apps?

I used to run with apps but eventually I stopped. The problems I had:

  1. Social Features are awful if you’re just starting out, and awful if you’re a really great runner because you make others feel bad. There’s literally no scenario in the world where I’d walk up to my friends or family that don’t run, and start telling them what a great 12 minute pace I kept today! I didn’t use them.
  2. Added time. I had to spend 1-2 minutes prior to a run setting up an app so that I could get out the door. It became too much of a hassle.
  3. “Requirement” rather than “for fun”. Running used to be fun but when I started logging my runs I felt an urge to go further or to run again that week if I didn’t feel like it. If I ran an 8 minute pace one day and a 8:30 pace the next, I’d feel horrible.


Running on Grass Offers Big Strength and Balance Benefits

There are many reasons why training on grass is a great idea for all runners—regardless of experience or ability level. Most obvious is the fact that grass offers runners the benefit of a softer surface, which is an excellent way to reduce the chances of impact-related injury. There are non-intuitive benefits as well. “Grass workouts are an excellent way to improve overall balance and proprioception as well as strengthen the feet,” says Pete Rea, the elite athlete coach and coordinator at ZAP Fitness in Blowing Rock, N.C.

Source: Take It to The Turf: The Benefits of Training on Grass

If you have a nice curated field like the one in the pic, yes, but I won’t even run on grass next to the sidewalk because that smooth layer of grass on top can hide nice little holes that can seriously injure you.

Trails are the best IMHO because you can see what you are running on.

This Calculator Estimates How Much Slower You’ll Run With Age

Your mileage may vary 😉

Try as we might to fight or deny it, old age will impact our running and athletic ability. By age 35, the rates of decline are so predictably linear that this calculator by a Yale economics professor maps out just how slowly you can expect to run the same distance as the years run by.

Source: This Calculator Estimates How Much Slower You’ll Run With Age

Does this mean I’ll go negative?

12-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Runs Half-Marathon

Last night I “accidentally” forgot to go to the gym and ordered Domino’s instead.

This week’s Person Who Makes You Feel Worse About Your Life Choices is 12-year-old LeeAdianez Rodriguez. The sixth grader just wanted to run a 5K in Rochester, N.Y., on Sunday, but she got a little confused. She got to the starting line a bit later than she expected, saw a bunch of people with bib numbers start running, and assumed it was time to go.

Source: 12-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Runs Half-Marathon

Congrats – that’s quite the accomplishment, nevermind for someone who only trained for a 5 K.

I’ll be crying into my chili dog now.

Use Cheap Paper Surgical Tape to Prevent Running and Hiking Blisters

Long distance runners and hikers have a variety of ways to deal with blisters, but a new study out of Stanford suggests that the best method might be cheap paper surgical tape.

Source: Use Cheap Paper Surgical Tape to Prevent Running and Hiking Blisters

I’ve been told duct tape on the problem areas of your shoe. This will be slick and avoid friction on the sock and shoe to avoid the blister.

Cop Asks Jogger To Run On Sidewalk, Arrests Her When She Doesn’t

MLive has dashcam footage of a Michigan woman who was arrested on Jan. 2 after she ignored a cop who stopped her and asked her to run on the sidewalk. There’s a lot of yelling.

Vera Pecaj, a 40-year-old teacher from Brighton, was jogging in Green Oak Township when Officer Michael Jain pulled up next to her in his vehicle and asked her to move from the road onto the sidewalk.

Source: Cop Asks Jogger To Run On Sidewalk, Arrests Her When She Doesn’t

Just another reason why I run on trails.  I still deal with issues largely due to obliviousness, but it’s less than otherwise.

Run on 45-Degree Days for Your Best Performance

Overcast and 45 degrees might not be the sort of weather most folks dream about, but it doesn’t get much better for an outdoor run. In fact, when researchers from the University of Tulsa examined the 25 fastest performances at different distances, along with the temperature that day, perfect running temps for hovered between 73.4 and 49.4 degrees. A comprehensive study out of France analyzing the collective finish times at six major marathons over 10 years also found that 44.2 degrees is ideal for women churning out the best performances.

Source: What’s the Best Temperature for a Run?

45° F is ~7° C.

The claim is similar to why swimming pools tend not to heat the pools with lap lanes.  I can’t swim in heated pools for very long before I hop out to sit on the side, feeling the heat radiant off me.  Similarly, when I ran in hot temps, I’d sweat for a while after the cool down.  Sometimes, over a half an hour.  It was gross really, that much water/sweat running off me.

Anyone Can Be A Good Runner

As global warming blesses much of the country with a premature spring, there is no better time to finally achieve your dream of becoming a runner. It’s probably too late for the Olympics, but the great thing about running is that literally anybody can do it, and it costs almost no money. No matter what your background is or current shape, you can become a runner, and gain all the benefits of running like being healthier, feeling better, and living longer. So here’s how you do it, from before your first run to after your 100th.

Source: Anyone Can Be A Good Runner

I have to warn about the pooping.  THE POOPING…

Runners love to trade pooping horror stories, but (knock on wood) I haven’t yet had to squat down in an alley and shit with only a rock for toilet paper during a run. It seems to be more of a trail runner thing, when they’re much farther from adequate facilities?