Spin Your Shredded Potatoes for Crispier Hash Browns

Delicious hash browns are ridiculously easy to make at home. So skip the diner and save your money—use this salad spinner trick instead to make crispy and seasoned hash browns quickly and with ease.

Source: Spin Your Potatoes for Better Hash Browns at Home

Spinning will only get rid of surface water – it won’t compress the potatoes hard enough to squeeze any out. I usually press between layers of paper towel.  I also pre-microwave the potatoes for a minute so that I can crank the heat up higher in the skillet without worrying about undercooked insides. That gives a boost to the crispiness too.

5 Salad Mistakes to Avoid

Think salads are too simple to mess up? Think again. Paying attention to the details and knowing the right techniques make all the difference in preparing a salad that’ll impress everyone at the table.

Start making salads like a pro and avoid these 5 common mistakes.

Source: 5 Salad Mistakes to Avoid

I remember when I learnt that iceberg lettuce had little to no nutritional value.  Romaine is a little better, nutritionally, but then you start encountering vitamin K concerns…