Is Double-Dipping Actually a Health Risk?

If you’ve seen that classic episode of Seinfeld, “The Implant,” where George Costanza double-dips a chip at a wake, maybe you’ve wondered if double-dipping is really like “putting your whole mouth right in the dip!”

Source: Is double-dipping a food safety problem or just a nasty habit?

What if the second dip is performed with the not bitten end of the chip/cracker/vegetable/etc?  I admit – I’d been blasé about double dipping until reading the article.  I’m not typically getting sick like some I know, but that doesn’t mean I’m not an asymptomatic carrier.

Here’s the Weird Reason You Get Tartar On Your Teeth

Your body isn’t a finely-tuned machine. It’s a reinforced pile of goo that spends its day trading off costs and benefits. One of those costs is the tartar building up on your teeth because of the surprising source of your saliva.

Source: Here’s the Weird Reason You Get Tartar On Your Teeth

I haven’t turned anything up yet, but the note about calcium coming from blood makes me wonder what or if there’s anything related to blood thinners on this.  I happen to cycle with two dentists regularly, so I’ll see if I can remember to ask.  But little to nothing on the internet suggests there’s no link or concern.