Use Egg Wrappers Instead of Tortillas for Protein-Packed Sandwiches

I have a thing for pinwheel sandwiches; they’re just so pretty and such perfect finger foods. What if you could skip the tortilla or traditional wrap and use protein-loaded eggs instead? These wraps take the trifecta of breakfast foods, ham, eggs, and cheese, and turn them into portable bites that can work as breakfast or lunch.

Source: Recipe: Egg Wraps with Ham and Greens

Better yet – don’t use flour or cornstarch, but add a little bit of cream cheese and a bit of almond flour to do the same thing without cranking the carbohydrates back up.

  • two eggs
  • tablespoon of cream cheese
  • 1/2 tablespoon of the almond flour

Put it all in a small bullet blender, and blend the snot out of it.  Then pour into a large pan so it’s nice and thin. Adjust the ingredients to make it thinner or thicker, as needed.

Another good use, do the same recipe – add a 1/8th tsp of cinnamon and vanilla but pour in a smaller pan to make basically crepes that area fantastic replacement for pancakes that have almost no carbs in them or for use with sweet instead of savory.

Turn an Everything Bagel Into an Amazing Grilled Cheese by Flipping It Inside Out

There’s an inherent structural problem with a bagel sandwich: Eaten properly, with one’s hands, of course, there is an inevitable falloff of seeds. Half of those poppy, sesame and even browned onion bits always seem to end up on the plate—or one’s lap. (The struggle is real.)

Enter the inverted-bagel grilled cheese sandwich situation at Sadelle’s in New York, where the team takes one of baker Melissa Weller’s chewy and small-ish bagels, slices it in half, flips it inside out, sandwiches layers of American and Muenster cheese in the middle, and then throws it onto a griddle for toasting and melting. The result is dripping with cheese that clings to all of those seeds.

Source: Everything Bagel Grilled Cheese

Q: How do you keep the cheese from leaking out the hole at the bottom?

Strategic cheese placement, and mayonnaise.

Mayo can act as a sort of sealant, and you can put just enough that it prevents the cheese from spreading out too far. When I make a grilled cheese on sandwich bread, I spread the thinnest ever amount of Cains/Best Foods mayo on the inside before putting down my cheese.

I also find that the barrier it creates prevents the bread from cooking through completely, so you have a nice crusty crust on the outside, with slightly softer bread inside, and goopy cheese inside of that.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get second breakfast.

It takes $1500, 6 months, and a lot of farming to truly make a sandwich at home from scratch

How do you make a sandwich at home? Grab some bread, slap together some mustard and mayo, throw in some turkey, add some cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions, and then eat it right? That’s what normal people do but that’s a total shortcut. How do you truly make a sandwich at home and from scratch? It involves farming vegetables, milking cows, killing a chicken and so much more.

Source: It takes $1500, 6 months, and a lot of farming to truly make a sandwich at home from scratch

“If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”

Carl Sagan

I recently dined at a local place that advertises as being farm-to-table.  It’s in a pricey location downtown, but is supposed to be working off produce and meat from a property outside of town.  I’m still skeptical that the entire menu — whatever is not liquid — is coming from that farm.  Certainly there’s going to be seasonal food, and there’s numerous other farms so I’m inclined to think of false advertising.  I don’t know where the harm is in giving credit to the other local farms that they are likely sourcing from.  Wine is often sourced from numerous vineyards…

Wraps Are Bullshit, Eat a Sandwich Instead

Fuck wraps. They taste bad, and Big Carb continues to lie to good, honest people by associating wraps with “light eating.” You think eating a wrap for lunch is healthy? You are wrong, chump, and I’d love you to fight me about it.

Source: Wraps Are Bullshit, Eat a Sandwich Instead

Meh.  But I don’t eat wraps often.  But it is nice to change things up now and then.