Add Semolina Flour to Pasta Water for an Extra Creamy Sauce

The days of drowning a plate of naked pasta in endless ladles of sauce should, in theory, be long gone. You’re probably already tossing your freshly drained pasta in a pot with just enough of your sauce to lightly coat the noodles. You might even be tossing the pasta and sauce in a warm skillet with a few spoonfuls of pasta water to help make the sauce extra clingy and silky. But why stop there?

After all, since it’s the pasta water’s starch that helps make the sauce so silky, why not increase the starchiness of that pasta water even more? Tossing a heaping handful of semolina flour (the same flour that dried pasta is made from) into the pot before dropping in your pasta will make your pasta water way starchier than it would be otherwise. Add a few spoonfuls of this super-charged pasta water to your pan of pasta and sauce, and restaurant-caliber silkiness will be yours.

Source: The Trick That Makes Every Plate of Pasta More Luscious

At first read, I thought it was “salmonella”…