Decorate Cookies Like a Pro with a Mesh Strainer

Sieve, heathens!  A flour sifter would work too…

As the video mentions, this is an easy way to get kids involved/introduced to cooking.  While some of the decoration requires good motor control – either way, evidence can be eaten 😉

Make Granola from Anything You Have On Hand With This Ratio

Memorize this technique, and you’ll never buy granola again.

Source: Granola Is Better and Easier to Make Without a Recipe

Having trouble finding cost effective rolled oats?  Look for Quaker Rolled Oats in the cereal aisle.

Bonus: If you are making granola and you want big chunks, pack all your ingredients tightly together on a baking sheet (I find it easier on a lipped baking sheet but plain should work fine). Once the granola is baked and cooled, you can break it into chunks.