Surfer Whose Arm Was Bitten Off By A Shark Surfs On The Head Of The World’s Supposed Best Surfer

Thirteen years ago, Bethany Hamilton’s left arm was bitten off by a tiger shark while she was surfing on Kauai. Despite losing 60 percent of her blood, she survived, returned to surfing three weeks later, became the subject of a number of movies and books over the years, and appeared on a ton of TV shows like The Amazing Race. Meanwhile, she also continued to work as a pro surfer.

Source: Surfer Whose Arm Was Bitten Off By A Shark Surfs On The Head Of The World’s Supposed Best Surfer

Congrats Bethany!

That was 13 years ago?!  I’m starting to feel old…

Selfies Are Deadlier Than Sharks

Selfies certainly seem like fun and games. At least, they do until someone falls down a flight of stairs at the Taj Mahal and dies. And if you think an instance like that is rare, well… okay, it is. But, not as rare as shark attacks, making “taking a selfie” a much greater risk than “vacationing on Amity Island.”

Source: Selfies Have Killed More People Than Sharks Have This Year

The comparison is wonderful, because since Jaws – people are utterly frightened of shark attacks.  But in reality, shark attacks are quite rare.  So, we’re going to need a bigger boat statistic 😉

Albacore Tuna Has Way Too Much Mercury for Kids’ Sandwiches

If tuna sandwiches are your go-to choice for school lunches, you may be putting your child at risk for ingesting too much mercury, a toxin that can damage the brain and nervous system. And knowing how much tuna is too much is more important than ever, given recent evidence indicating that mercury levels in tuna are on the rise.

Source: Who’s Minding the Mercury in Your Child’s Tuna Sandwich?

Brought to you by Big Salmon 😉

Should Pregnant Women Eat More Tuna?

As part of a sweeping review of nutrition recommendations, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recently reiterated the current seafood guidelines: Americans should eat a wide variety of seafood. The report also acknowledges the risk of mercury exposure from certain kinds of seafoods, and notes that women who are pregnant, nursing or may become pregnant should avoid certain kinds — tilefish, shark, swordfish and king mackerel — because of their high mercury content.

The panel withheld a recommendation about tuna, second only to shrimp in popularity in the United States. Current guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency warn pregnant and nursing women to limit tuna consumption to six ounces per week.

Source: Should Pregnant Women Eat More Tuna?

From reading the article, it does seem like a promotion for tuna/seafood.  Flaxseeds and walnuts are a far better source, and have a better shelf life.  Iodine?  That’s what in common table salt, for sake of the fact that most diets are iodine deficient.  Vitamin B12 is the most difficult to source of the B vitamins, depending on your diet (IE vegan).