Four Frozen Protein Smoothies That Make Perfect Post-Workout Popsicles

The days of hot, sweaty workouts are upon us. It’s time to upgrade your after-exercise snack from a boring protein bar and a swig of lukewarm water to one of these refreshing protein popsicles. The formula is simple: blend, freeze, enjoy.

Source: Four Frozen Protein Smoothies That Make Perfect Post-Workout Popsicles

Hell yeah I’m making them…

This Endangered Frog Is a Popular Smoothie Ingredient in South America

If you Google the words “green smoothie,” you will be inundated with recipes for the perfect healthy shake. You might have to look a little farther for the elixir popular in Peru and Bolivia, which relies not on leafy greens, but on the endangered Titicaca water frog.

Source: For This Green Smoothie, the First Ingredient Is Frog

I don’t get the issue here. Are we supposed to ignore the mass consumption of an endangered species because they happen to consume it in a certain part of the world?

As someone once said, “It’s not easy being green” 😉

Alton Brown’s Advice for Better Homemade Smoothies

Smoothies aren’t too difficult to make, but these basic tips from celebrity chef Alton Brown will ensure your smoothie making always goes smoothly.

In the Good Eats episode “Live and Let Diet,” host Alton Brown explains how to make the perfect smoothie at home. Here are his top tips:

Source: Alton Brown’s Advice for Better Homemade Smoothies

I’ve been making red wine smoothies lately…

Smoothies can be healthy, if homemade, in order to control things like sugar content and protein.

Lots of fruit that is flash frozen can be found at the local grocery store.

Add Rolled Oats to Upgrade Your Smoothie to a Filling Meal

Love the idea of a smoothie for breakfast, but wish it filled you up a little more? I hear you, and I’m totally with you. My main criteria for any breakfast, including smoothies, is one that isn’t going to leave my stomach grumbling a couple hours later.

My key to a good breakfast smoothie is making sure it has the power to carry me through the morning. One of the easiest ways to do this? Add a scoop of oats!

Source: Oats Are the Key to a Satisfying Smoothie

I’ve thrown oats into my morning protein shake, my staple breakfast for years.  I’ve found that quick-cooking oats blend better and don’t wreak havoc on your stomach as much as whole or steel-cut varieties.

Those Extracts In Your Cupboard Have Many Uses Beyond Baking

It’s a tale as old as vanilla extract: You buy a bottle of it (or of almond, or anise, or any other kind of extract), it gets shuffled to the back of your pantry shelf, and then you buy another.

And before you know it, in a fervent pantry clean out session, you uncover an extract windfall. And then what do you do?

Source: How to Use Up a Heck of a Lot of Extracts

Couple additional options:

  • If you have kids, you can add it to your playdough (homemade or store bought) or rice.
  • They can be used pretty easily to make flavored syrups for cocktails. Just dump the extract in before (or after honestly) you boil the syrup down.

Make Your Dips, Dressings, and Drinks a Little More Probiotic with Kefir

Tangy kefir is like a pourable, drinkable version of yogurt. It’s praised for containing good-for-you probiotics that aid in healthy digestion. While kefir makes for a delicious beverage all on its own, there are a lot of other smart ways you can put this fermented drink to work in the kitchen.

This fermented dairy drink is similar to yogurt and buttermilk, and makes an ideal stand-in for both. You can pick up a bottle of kefir in the dairy aisle at the grocery store, or you can skip the lines and make your own at home.

Source: 5 Smart Ways You Could Be Using Kefir in Your Cooking

It can be used in pretty much any recipe that calls for un-fermented dairy. Use it in place of buttermilk, spoon for spoon, in savory dressings and dips, or as a tart milk substitute in smoothies, lassis, or even frozen yogurt. (Wanna get next level? Make your own!)

That said, I can’t find any substantial nutritional data on kefir.  One source claims it has vitamin K, yet [the similar] yogurt has very little vitamin K.  I advise caution and frequent testing if kefir is not already part of your consistent diet.

You Can and Should Be Eating Banana Peels

That’s right, you can eat banana peels. And not only are they edible — they’re also good for you.

Source: People around the world are eating banana peels because they know something that Westerners do not

I think the question of what’s on those skins ought to addressed before we start munching down.  Wash them before you eat, like a lot of things.

Make Tea Ice Cubes to Supercharge Your Smoothies

Tea’s distinctive flavors—woodsy and vegetable or ripe and sweet, pleasantly astringent or perfumed—add layers to sweet and savory dishes that no other ingredient can touch. Sure, you may have heard of green tea ice cream and tea-smoked duck, but a pinch of tea leaves can do so much more. Here are some ideas to make full use of its grocery potential.

Source: 7 Ways to Cook with Tea Leaves

Coffee cubes make for delicious Vietnamese iced coffee.

A Graphical Guide to Quick and Easy Protein Smoothies

Rather than letting yourself go hungry and zipping to the nearest drive-thru, protein smoothies make a more filling and nutritious on-the-go meal. This infographic helps you whip up quick and easy drinkable meals for times when you needed to roll out the door 15 minutes ago.

Source: A Graphical Guide to Quick and Easy Protein Smoothies

I’ve been looking at doing this to up my protein intake.  On a good day, I’m figuring I’m getting 0.5 grams to my 1 lb.  While the 1 gram of protein to 1 lb ratio has been debunked, it’s probably a good idea for me to be consuming more than I currently am.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Frozen Fruit

Summer is the season with some of the greatest food, and beautifully ripe fruits are no exception. Stick them in the freezer for a few hours or pick up a big bag from the store and you’ve got the perfect treat with the potential to cool you down on a hot summer day.

Source: 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Frozen Fruit

I wish there was more variety, but I haven’t tried the banana ice cream yet…