This Electric Fork Simulates a Salty Flavor By Shocking Your Tongue

Dousing every meal in salt might make food tastier, but all that extra sodium is eventually going to raise your blood pressure—giving you bigger problems than bland food. So researchers in Japan have built a prototype electric fork that uses electrical stimulation to simulate the taste of salt.

Source: This Electric Fork Simulates a Salty Flavor By Shocking Your Tongue

Does it have an MSG setting? 😉

According to most science, with some exceptions for people with a hypersensitivity, the salt & blood pressure thing isn’t true:

The other thing to consider about table salt is the amount of iodine that’s in it, as a preventative measure against iodine deficiency and gout.  That’s why some recipes specifically call for other types of salt, but as you can see – table salt should not be avoided entirely.

Pedialyte May Help Your Hangover, But It Won’t “Cure” It

It was the early morning hours of July 5, and after a day of drinking and greasy food, Patricia Ochoa was sufficiently hungover. She had all of the classic symptoms: dry mouth, headache, exhaustion, and an upset stomach. Then, her brother appeared at her bedroom door like the hangover tooth fairy with a bottle of grape Pedialyte. She tore off the “kid-approved taste” sticker on the cap and started gulping it down.

Yes, Ochoa was using an over-the-counter remedy intended for dehydrated children (think: bad bouts of diarrhea) as a hangover cure. And the crazy thing is it worked. After drinking half the bottle, her headache and nausea disappeared.

Source: Is Pedialyte Truly the Miracle Hangover Cure People Say It Is?

Kids these days just don’t take enough responsibility for dragging themselves to the store and buying their own medications when they’re sick! When I was their age, I crawled to the grocery store! Uphill! In the snow!

Adults “make up a third of the market” or “are a third of the buyers” or constitute “a third of the sales”. So, perhaps the youth of today really are spending their allowance on their own diarrhea treatment? 😉

How to Eat Healthy in a World Filled With Processed Food

Picture a wholesome meal: lots of veggies, maybe some pastured meat or free-range eggs, lovingly cooked at home from scratch. Do a quick count of how many of your meals from the past week looked like that. Close to zero? You’re not alone.

Our world is full of processed food, for better or worse. It’s easy to sit at my keyboard and tell you to avoid it and eat foods in forms closest to how they are in nature: apples, not apple pie. But just because something is “processed” (whatever that means) doesn’t automatically make it bad for you. It’s time to lose the guilt and own up to eating processed food sometimes—and maybe we’ll see it’s not that bad.

Source: How to Eat Healthy in a World Filled With Processed Food

Eating healthy can be more expensive than just eating whatever is out there. Sure you can sign up for CSA shares, and grown your own stuff, but in an apples to (organic)apples (ha!) comparison, expending the same amount of personal effort, it pays to shop around.  Part of it can be just adjusting foods to lifestyle – some stuff can expire before you use it.  That’s what made incorporating fruit/vegetables difficult for me, then I wanted to eat something else which made the problem worse.

Artificially Sweetened: How Politics Massaged the Science in the New Dietary Guidelines

The [US] federal government just released a new set of dietary guidelines, and as always, they’re a work of both science and politics. They include controversial changes: for instance, sugar now has a limit, and cholesterol does not. Here’s your guide to what’s new, what isn’t, and where the experts disagree.

Source: Artificially Sweetened: How Politics Massaged the Science in the New Dietary Guidelines

I know of not one person who actually gives any credance to what the fools at the USDA say. Certainly not enough to measurably change their diets.  But school lunches, WIC, and military meals are based on this. Dieticians base their advice off the guidelines. And media of all kinds is full of news about how people should be paying more attention to the new cholesterol and sugar guidelines.

Do we all go and look up exactly how many cups of vegetables we should be eating? No. But they do have a major effect on what the country eats.  After all, if everybody ignored the guidelines, industry wouldn’t be so eager to influence them.

10 Stubborn Food Myths That Just Won’t Die, Debunked by Science

Every other week, new research claims one food is better than another, or that some ingredient yields incredible new health benefits. Couple that with a few old wives’ tales passed down from your parents, and each time you fire up your stove or sit down to eat a healthy meal, it can be difficult separating food fact from fiction. We talked to a group of nutritionists and asked them to share the food myths they find most irritating and explain why people cling to them. Here’s what they said.

Source: 10 Stubborn Food Myths That Just Won’t Die, Debunked by Science

Some of the myths have been covered on their own:

Sports Medicine Journal Reveals Our Childhood Coaches Tried To Kill Us

Remember when you were a kid and all your coaches and camp counselors and those vaguely hippie-ish guys who took your youth group hiking would tell you to drink, even when you weren’t thirsty? Turns out they were trying to murder you.

Source: Sports Medicine Journal Reveals Our Childhood Coaches Tried To Kill Us

I recommend reading one of my previous posts about trying to drink a gallon of water a day.  It has some interesting info about diagnosing the colour of your urine 😀

The Restaurant Secret for Tastier Salads: Add Salt

The salt?  It comes from the staff’s fresh tears 😉 😀

The other night I ate one of my favorite restaurant meals: a finely chopped arugula and radicchio salad with tiny, crispy-yet-melting bits of fried onions, and paper-thin shards of sharp cheese. It’s a fabulous salad, but it’s one I’ve never been able to recreate at home. Unlike many restaurant dishes, which I feel can be recaptured at home with a little detective work, salads can just taste so much better when you’re out.

Here are a few reasons why that it is — and a few ways to make up the difference at home.

Source: 5 Reasons Your Salad Probably Tastes Better at a Restaurant

Or, try adding a little sugar. Diabetic? Use liquid artificial sweetener.

Typical American Diet Can Damage Immune System

…Many reports have observed that heavier patients appear more likely to come down with infections during a hospital stay, acquire weaker protection from vaccinations and, as with River, suffer more complications from the flu.

Weight alone may not be the entire explanation. A tantalizing line of evidence suggests that unhealthful foods — fatty, salty, sugary, processed foods — may disrupt the body’s defenses in a way that promotes inflammation, infection, autoimmune diseases and even illnesses like cancer.

Source: Typical American diet can damage immune system

I think it was QI (highly recommended) where I heard about the study into hereditary genetics, how what grandparents ate was believed to affect grandchildren.

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

…A chemist by training with a doctoral degree in food science, Behnke became Pillsbury’s chief technical officer in 1979 and was instrumental in creating a long line of hit products, including microwaveable popcorn. He deeply admired Pillsbury but in recent years had grown troubled by pictures of obese children suffering from diabetes and the earliest signs of hypertension and heart disease. In the months leading up to the C.E.O. meeting, he was engaged in conversation with a group of food-science experts who were painting an increasingly grim picture of the public’s ability to cope with the industry’s formulations — from the body’s fragile controls on overeating to the hidden power of some processed foods to make people feel hungrier still. It was time, he and a handful of others felt, to warn the C.E.O.’s that their companies may have gone too far in creating and marketing products that posed the greatest health concerns.

Source: The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food

It’s an incredibly long read about the various ways the food industry worked to make products more appealing.  The “vanishing caloric deficit” is said to be present in Coca-cola, that you can drink lots without feeling full.  That’s besides the desire to have more…

How to Make Healthy Choices at a Summer BBQ

Salad is just lettuce nachos 😉

Not sure what your healthiest options are when faced with an impressive spread at a summer barbeque?  We asked nutrition and wellness expert Rose Reisman to chime in on our best (and worst) options at backyard shindigs this summer.

Source: This or that? How to make healthy choices at a summer barbecue

I’m surprised to see a crisp suggested as a dessert.  I thought they were largely sugar, with some fruit.