A Recipe for Your Hangover Michelada That’s Impossible to Screw Up

It’s morning. Probably. You’re disoriented, the inside of your mouth has been replaced by ass-flavored shellac, and somehow it’s 87 degrees at 10 a.m. The full weight of last night will soon come rushing back to you, and you need enough hair of the dog to qualify as taxidermy in order to steel yourself against the impending nausea.

Source: A Recipe for Your Hangover Michelada That’s Impossible to Screw Up

You’re probably thinking “All you need is bloody mary mix, and a beer”…

Bloody Mary mix will work in a pinch, but “all you need” is a stretch. That’s sort of like saying that cooking dinner is a waste of time because Hungry Man salisbury steaks exist.

Make Easy, Delicious Cold Noodles with This Simple Soy Vinaigrette

Here’s to easy hangover food 😉 😀

  • Chard is really high in vitamin K – I don’t recommend taking up the habit if you don’t regularly eat it already.
  • The video measures the liquid in grams – the recipe here has common measurements.
  • The chef strains out the ginger and garlic… This appears to be a bit of ad libbing. While the original directions state to “strain”, it does not specifically call out garlic and/or ginger.

Use Sugar and Salt Instead of Soy Sauce for Perfect Fried Rice

…a couple of months ago, I called Bowien, who has soared to success by riffing on the classics at his Mission Chinese Food restaurants in San Francisco and New York. (He made Andrew Knowlton’s Hot Ten list way back in 2011, and this year’s Top 50 list.) Would he teach me how to make fried rice the right way? Before I knew it, I was in the basement of his Lower East Side outpost. We cooked MCF’s Malaysian beef jerky fried rice, which he and his executive chef, Angela Dimayuga, concocted one night after seeing Nine Inch Nails in Brooklyn. Like the best versions, it’s eminently satisfying but subtly flavored.

Source: Mission: Make Danny Bowien’s Addictive Fried Rice at Home

It’s not authentic fried rice…

Exactly How Many People Will Get Cancer From Soda?

The amount of soda you sip not only boosts your sugar intake and packs on pounds—it might also increase your risk for cancer.

The culprit? A chemical called 4-methylimidazole (4-MeI). This potential carcinogen is found in some types of caramel color, the artificial ingredient used to turn colas and other soft drinks brown. Every day, more than half of Americans between the ages of 6 and 64 typically drink soda in amounts that could expose them to enough 4-MeI to increase their cancer risk, according to a new analysis of national soda consumption conducted by scientists at Consumer Reports and the Center for a Livable Future at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The study was published today in the scientific online journal PLOS ONE.

…caramel color is found in a wide variety of foods, including bread and other baked goods, dark sauces such as soy or barbecue, pancake syrup, and soups. While we don’t know what type of caramel color or how much 4-MeI is in those foods, it’s clear that many people are already getting concerning amounts of 4-MeI in their diets just from the soda they drink.

Source: Another reason to cut back on soda

Ideally, this carcinogenic chemical should not be added to food on purpose because we know that will cause dozens or possibly thousands of cancer deaths in the coming decades. But what are you gonna drink—Sprite?

Pass the Spray-On Soy Sauce

Did you know there’s a proper way to eat sushi that doesn’t involve completely soaking the rice in soy sauce? You’re only supposed to dip the fish, which can be tricky if you’re not skilled with a set of chopsticks. So Fukuma, a Japanese soy sauce manufacturer, is now packaging the salty brown side in tiny spray bottles so you can perfectly spritz your sushi.

Source: Spray-On Soy Sauce Ensures Your Sushi Isn’t Soaked In Salt

No word on when or if it will come to North America, but what’s stopping you from filling a spritzer bottle of your own?