Add Grated Cheese to Pasta Before the Sauce to Mix It in Better

The Silver Spoon, originally published in English by Phaidon in 2005, was the first cookbook Phaidon published and the first cookbook Emilia Terragni, the publisher of Phaidon’s cookbooks and architecture books, ever worked on. The tome has gone on to sell so many copies and be one of the most essential Italian cookbooks around. To celebrate its 10th anniversary of the English edition (and the revision of The Silver Spoon: Quick and Easy Recipes), Emilia has picked out the lessons she finds indispensable from the very big, comprehensive Silver Spoon.

Source: The Greatest Hits & Tips from The Silver Spoon Cookbook

I’m odd, I actually prefer my cheese cold, hard and on top. The contrast in temperature and texture to the past is what I enjoy. I’ll even sprinkle it on a little bit at a time for max effect.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy melted cheese too, in some dishes I prefer it, but most times I prefer the above.