It’s More Nutritious For You to Eat a Bug Than a Steak

So, what are you having for dinner tonight? Some grilled chicken? Yet another steak? Allow us to change your mind.

Source: It’s More Nutritious For You to Eat a Bug Than a Steak

It’s nice to finally be getting nutritional information on insects.  But there’s no vitamin K information, sadly… We’ve known for a while that insects provide an interesting alternative to cattle when considering the environmental footprint.

Why It’s Important to Slice Steaks Against the Grain

You can have the perfect cut of steak that’s been cooked to the perfect temperature and grilled to the perfect texture and yet still ruin it by not cutting the meat against the grain. Seriously, slicing a steak against the grain makes it so much more tender and delicious that you’d be a fool not to do it that way.

Source: Why it is so incredibly important to slice steaks against the grain

Not only against the grain, but also cutting on a slant/bias.

Make a Quicker and Easier Version of Bearnaise Sauce with Mayonnaise

A stress-free way to make a classic — and unruly — French sauce that’s a variation of hollandaise.

Source: How To Hack Béarnaise, A Mother Of A French Sauce

I wouldn’t describe a bain marie as a “special piece of equipment.” A metal bowl over a pot of heated water is something most people can manage.

I guess for the sake of product placement, no one mentions or recommends a specific brand.

Gout, Urine, And Guinea Pigs: The Weird History Of Lithium

Gather round and I shall tell you a tale! A tale of a mistaken assumption that started a weird, long science odyssey that included urine, steak, and guinea pigs, and ended in a miracle drug.

Source: Gout, Urine, And Guinea Pigs: The Weird History Of Lithium

It’s interesting to realized that for advanced as we think we are, it’s only been within the last 100 years that things really picked up.  And even today, there’s stuff that we use but don’t fully understand why it works.

Unrelated, but the first couple of lines reminded of the classic:

If I Eat Steak, then Pineapple – Which is Digested First?

Pull up a stool 😉

Short answer: If you eat a pineapple immediately after eating a steak?  The two meals will be mixed together. The mixed meal will move slower than if you had only eaten a pineapple, and it will move faster than if you only ate a steak.

Long answer: Steak is predominantly protein and fat so it is more fully digested compared to pineapple, which is predominately fiber, water, sugar (fiber not being digested).

Pineapple will actually move faster along the digestive tract, since water and sugar are rapidly absorbed.  The fiber content also helps to move things along quickly.

A steak moves slowly in the digestive tract because it takes time to breakdown the fat and protein. Once broken down, the absorption of protein and fat are more complicated than sugar and water.

TLDR:  Most of the pineapple will be digested first. You will poop it all out at the same time.

Study: Creatine From Meat Seems to Help Us Think

Are you a vegetarian or a vegan? Besides vitamin B12, depending upon what you eat and the supplements you take, you can find your diet somewhat low in zinc, long chain omega 3 fatty acids, and even some amino acids. One of these amino acids is called creatine, and the best source is meat.

Researchers who study cognition and athletic performance simply love giving vegetarians creatine supplements. This practice might seem curious until you look at the following facts…

Source: Your Brain on Creatine

Most people don’t understand about non-essential amino acids is that you don’t need them – your body can synthesize them.  Just not efficiently.  Unless you’re getting your non-essential aminos from your food or supplements – you’re probably non-essential amino acid deficient.

The Case of the Meat Laced with LSD

Earlier this year, a family in Florida rushed to the hospital with bizarre symptoms. After eating broiled steak from Walmart, they had all started hallucinating and feeling sick. It turned out that their meat had been tainted with LSD. But where did it come from?

Source: LSD Mystery Meat Case Will Remain “Unsolved” Say Police

Florida?  Nuh said…

My guess is that it doesn’t evaporate or disintegrate in heat, or investigators would have immediately said “this has to have been added after it was cooked.”

Steak: 10 Rubs and Marinades

Youtube, 6:07 minutes.  The video is pretty, but doesn’t give portioning or summarize – details are on the web page.

Once again, we’ve asked our friend Chef Frank Deloach to help us think of 10 exceptional ways to season steak to add flavor without adding fat. Directions? Combine ingredients, rub all over your gorgeously marbled beef slabs (think Ribeye, Strip and Sirloin) and pop it in the fridge (two hours max) to soak up all those beautiful flavors. Cook in cast-iron skillet to desired doneness. Easy peasy. Tip: For the juiciest steak possible, salt your beef after you’ve cooked it.

Source: 10 Fancy Steak Rubs and Marinades That Go Beyond Salt and Pepper

  • Tex Mex
  • Kalbi
  • Spanish
  • Kung Pao
  • Brazil
  • Montreal
  • North Africa
  • English Pub
  • Carne Asada
  • Malaysian

Cast iron and an oven to finish is the goal.  Most real chefs use a salamander, but will use a skillet/oven combo if they don’t have that particular piece of equipment.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with a grill.