Use Overripe Strawberries to Make Strange Springy Risotto

Although I never see strawberry risotto on Roman menus anymore, it was all the rage in the 80s. Its fifteen minutes of fame has long since expired, but I still love it.

Source: The Most Wonderfully Unusual Strawberry Risotto

The cookbook “Almost Vegetarian” by Diana Shaw (out of print and used copies are available for cheap on Amazon) has a recipe for a sweet strawberry risotto that I’ve made a few times, that uses fresh strawberries and strawberry yogurt as a flavor base. It’s delicious, a strawberry rice pudding, basically.

I’ve seen lemon risotto, apple risotto, etc. I’m told grape risotto is actually a traditional Tuscan dish and not some nouvelle cuisine abomination. I may try it sometime.

Alton Brown’s Advice for Better Homemade Smoothies

Smoothies aren’t too difficult to make, but these basic tips from celebrity chef Alton Brown will ensure your smoothie making always goes smoothly.

In the Good Eats episode “Live and Let Diet,” host Alton Brown explains how to make the perfect smoothie at home. Here are his top tips:

Source: Alton Brown’s Advice for Better Homemade Smoothies

I’ve been making red wine smoothies lately…

Smoothies can be healthy, if homemade, in order to control things like sugar content and protein.

Lots of fruit that is flash frozen can be found at the local grocery store.

Quebec Strawberry has Potential to Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Quebec may be known for maple syrup and poutine, but perhaps soon strawberries can be added to the list. A varietal known as the Authentic Orleans strawberry appears to help reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Source: Quebec strawberry has potential to reduce Type 2 diabetes risk

Don’t go running out for strawberries just yet.  The findings are preliminary, but more fruit & veg is always a good idea.

Use Strawberry Tops to Create Fruity Spa Water Instead of Tossing Them

We’re re-running one of our favorite summertime, zero-waste kitchen tips. Don’t toss those strawberry tops: Turn them into a sweet, refreshing infused water.

Source: How to Use Your Strawberry Tops

If you’re making a big batch, and don’t plan on drinking it all within a day… Strain out the tops after a few hours of infusing. Unless you like the taste of rotten strawberries. 😉

Make Strawberry Lemonade Pie in the Freezer Overnight

The only drawback to this pie is how quickly it seemed to melt.  Which isn’t that big of a drawback.  Just means you have to eat it faster.  I don’t think you’ll have any problem with that.  Luckily its completely delicious!

Source: Strawberry Lemonade Freezer Pie

I just can’t see using low-fat anything.  It’s pie – just make it full-fat and enjoy it.

There Are Strawberries Growing Underwater Off the Coast of Italy

The air of the greenhouse stands at 79 degrees with humidity hovering around 83 percent. That’s a pretty good environment for a typical plant.

But this is no ordinary greenhouse: It’s 20 feet under water, anchored to the floor of the sea just off the coast of Noli, Italy.

Source: The world’s most beautiful greenhouses are underwater, and growing strawberries

The artificial reef aspect is nothing new – it’s been documented about oil rigs. But it’s all fun and games until the octopus discovers how good strawberries are…

The climate will be an issue, and size to make a proper yield.  But otherwise I figure that it makes for use of space without interference from the elements, animals, insects, etc.

Keep Your Strawberries Fresh Longer with These Three Simple Rules

Whether you plan to eat the whole carton out of hand (I can’t blame you!), or you have a stack of recipes at the ready to put them to use, the real key to making those berries hold up is storing them properly. Do you know the right way to store strawberries?

Source: The Best Ways to Store Strawberries

Strawberries have vitamin K:

  • 1 pint/357 grams, pureed contains 7.9 mcg of vitamin K – 10% Daily Value (DV)
  • 1 cup/232 grams, pureed contains 5.1 mcg of vitamin K – 6% DV
  • 1 cup/144 grams, whole contains 3.2 mcg of vitamin K – 4% DV

1 cup or less, I wouldn’t worry about.  More than that, there’s a decent risk of impacting your INR.

Can You Substitute Strawberries For Tomatoes When Cooking?

Strawberries are at their sweetest right now, going all the way through the summer. And while everybody knows how delicious they are in desserts, we’ve actually heard you can use them as a replacement for a tomato. I decided to try this out and see how well it worked.

I can’t take credit for this concept. That would go to Dave Woolley, a Denver-based culinary consultant (who, full disclosure, does work with California Strawberries). He said: try using strawberries in place of tomatoes in a veggie sandwich with goat cheese, in a Caprese-style salad, or in a salsa with seafood dishes.

Source: Tip Tester: Can You Substitute Strawberries For Tomatoes When Cooking?

No mention of spaghetti with strawberry sauce…  How about a big ol’ slab of strawberry on a BLT or burger?  You can also put them on pizza. They benefit from some balsamic reduction added post-bake. Slice like pepperoni.

An interesting idea for people who are allergic to tomatoes!  I’m not, but a co-worker is.  The article admits that this isn’t cost-effective.

Another tomato substitute is watermelon. It doesn’t have the acidity, but you can add lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, or what-have-you.