A “Base Tan” Won’t Protect You From Sunburn as Much as You Think

In a quest for a perfect tan, many people – especially young white women between age 18 and 25 – may head to a tanning salon, using tanning booths, sunbeds and sunlamps to kick-start their tan. Others (including people who are more prone to burn instead of tan) may head to the salon to slowly develop a “base tan,” with the mistaken belief that it will prevent a sunburn. For many consumers of indoor tanning salons, this approach offers what they believe to be a safer alternative to outdoor tanning. But here’s the thing: indoor tanning is just as damaging to your health as lying out in the real sun.

Source: Think indoor tanning is a safer alternative to sitting in the sun? Think again

It’s no joke – a woman posted selfies demonstrating what it looks like.  And it does not matter what colour your skin is.  I found a good explainer here from the Skin Cancer Foundation. The darker your skin, the higher natural SPF you have to start with. The question of skin cancer risk gets kind of complicated, and it’s not just about sunlight, but the bottom line is they recommend sunscreen for everybody.

Truth be told – Eating your vegetables will give you a better tan than fake baking.  Mine faded over time, but did last into the summer.