Three Cheers for the Onion

Onions are eaten and grown in more countries than any other vegetable but rarely seem to receive much acclaim. It’s time to stop taking the tangy, tear-inducing bulb for granted and give it a round of applause, writes the BBC’s Marek Pruszewicz.

…Without doubt, onions would have been traded along the Silk Road as far back as 2,000BC, around the time the Mesopotamians were writing down their onion-rich recipes, Kelley says.

Source: Three cheers for the onion

Onions have either no vitamin K, or an amount so small it’s insignificant.

I only found out about 6 months ago that onions have vitamin C – not a lot, but apparently for some having the cold or flu meant chicken and onion stew.  Onions have roughly half the amount of vitamin C, but limes and lemons are typically smaller.  Still, the knowledge might’ve stopped UK sailors from being known as “Limeys” because they used limes to counter scurvy.