A new synthetic skin restores the real stuff’s youthful appearance

Dermatologists are going to love this…

Our skin provides a protective barrier against things like extreme temperatures, toxins, microorganisms, radiation, and mechanical force. But as skin ages, it becomes weaker, more sensitive, and less able to repair itself. Aging also results in things we don’t like, such as the formation of wrinkles or sagging skin.

Many individuals spend a great deal of time and money trying to restore their skin’s youthful appearance, but what if there was a simpler way? In an investigation recently published in Nature Materials, a team of scientists have developed a synthetic skin that can be worn invisibly, restoring both the mechanical and aesthetic characteristics of normal, youthful skin.

Source: A new synthetic skin restores the real stuff’s youthful appearance

The burning question is: will it help burn victims?

We Can Now Make Synthetic Chameleon Skin

Borrowing a trick from nature, engineers from the University of California at Berkeley have created an incredibly thin, chameleon-like material that can be made to change color — on demand — by simply applying a minute amount of force.

This new material-of-many-colors offers intriguing possibilities for an entirely new class of display technologies, color-shifting camouflage, and sensors that can detect otherwise imperceptible defects in buildings, bridges, and aircraft.

Source: Engineers Create Chameleon-like Artificial ‘Skin’ That Shifts Color on Demand

I remember Hypercolor, don’t think I’d really want this…