What Happens When Your Brain Always Provides You With The Wrong Word

Jargon aphasia is a strange syndrome which cause people to suddenly say nonsense words while otherwise speaking normally. Often they won’t even know that they did it. And scientists are not entirely sure what that means.

Jargon aphasia arises from brain damage, either from traumatic injury or some kind of degenerative syndrome. It involves substituting in words that don’t make sense while conducting a normal conversation — words that may start with the same sound, like substituting “detective” for “debt,” or sometimes words that are related to each other, like substituting “bird,” for “egg.” Occasionally it involves substituting total nonsense words for regular words. This much most scientists all agree on.

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No mention of Tourette Syndrome?

Why the Speech Center of Your Brain Shuts Down When You Talk

On the left side of your brain there’s a special region called Broca’s Area, also known as the speech center of the brain. Now a group of neuroscientists have discovered something strange about it. Even though this brain region supposedly controls speech, it shuts down when you are speaking.

A paper out today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences tells an interesting story about this widely-studied part of the brain. New York University neuroscience researcher Adeen Flinker and his colleagues wanted to find out more about the region, so they used a special device to record people’s brain activity directly from their cerebral cortex while they were speaking. What they found was very surprising. They expected to see Broca’s Area crackling with electrical activity from neurons while the test subjects talked. But instead, the region seemed to shut down.

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Harvest Energy From Your Jaw as You Snack/Talk

Are you sick and tired of wasting potentially tens of calories suboptimally chewing? If so, a pair of researchers from Montreal, Aidin Delnavaz and Jérémie Voix, have a solution: the piezoelectric chin-strap.

All you have to do is chew and talk and grind your jaw as per your usual doses of coffee and 5-Hour Energy, and the device provides tiny bits of juice that might be used to power hearing aids, wearable electronics, or some so-far unrealized implantable device of the cyborg future. And if you’re already a cyborg, why not just go for it, eh?

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I think riding a bike to generate electricity would produce more, and be better exercise.