Study: Overweight/Obese Kids @ 10 Yrs Tend to Be Same 5 Yrs Later

A groundbreaking new study reports that most fifth graders who were overweight or obese at age 10 remained so by the time they started 10th grade — an important finding, researchers say, as some parents disregard the warning signs at that age.

“We wanted to look at this age group because some parents have the impression that the time to start to be alert about obesity is during adolescence,” lead study author Dr. Mark A. Schuster, chief of general pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital, tells Yahoo Parenting. “They write off weight gain to ‘baby fat’ or they’ll wait until after puberty to see if their child is more on the obese end.”

Source: The Most Important Year for Kids and Weight

Remember that fat shaming doesn’t work.  And overweight teens grow up to earn less than their fitter friends