We All Need Speed

… there are lots of workouts runners can–and should–do regularly. Training variety improves your fitness, staves off injuries, and keeps motivation high (plus it allows me to eat more of my wife’s lasagna). But if pressed to name the one workout that has the greatest impact on racing performance at any distance, I’d answer with a clear conscience: the tempo run.
Tempo runs will make you a stronger miler, a faster 5-K runner, a more powerful 10-K runner, and a less-fatigued marathoner. How can one workout benefit such a wide range of race distances? Simply put: Tempo runs teach your body to run faster before fatiguing.

Source: We All Need Speed

I’m still weeks away from even being able to run :/

How to Add Speedwork to Your Running to Get Stronger and Faster

Do you want to run faster? Great! Let’s run faster today. Then we’ll take a little break. Then we’ll run faster again a bunch more times. There’s a whole family of these interval workouts that runners call “speedwork,” and including them once a week or so can help you achieve faster race times later on.

Source: How to Add Speedwork to Your Running to Get Stronger and Faster

I could see enterprising cyclists using the information to their benefit.

For me: swimming came naturally, and I got some tweaks. Cycling, where I have others to look at, follow, and/or attempt to emulate – I’ve made progress without a training plan.  Running – progress has been glacial, if at all.  None of which I train with, or reflect upon, my Garmin.  I’ve been running a more flat route for 10 KM, and I think there’s some payoff because I can stretch my legs.  Between the broken rib and longer days, I’m looking to change my running habits.