Stretching Prevents Injury, and Other Misconceptions About Exercise

This does need a YMMV disclaimer unfortunately.  Cold static vs warm static pre workout stretch varies in terms of efficacy for many, and the six month rule shoe rule is in play for most marathoners, and may even be less depending on whether you rock a stability type of shoe, etc.

Leave the Treadmill Turned Off for a Better Interval Workout

Normally you do sprint intervals on a moving treadmill by alternating between rest and running at its fastest setting, but try this advanced twist: leave any treadmill off, and use your own two legs to power the belt for an incredible sprint workout.

Source: Leave the Treadmill Turned Off for a Better Interval Workout

As someone who has worked for fitness equipment manufacturers, please don’t do this and if you do this in a commercial gym, you ought to be kicked out.

First of all there three types of treadmill motors: A/C, brushless DC motors, and traditional DC motors. For sure you will cause damage to traditional DC motors doing this. On brushless DC motors, you might not be damaging the motor directly, but any resistance you feel is current that you are generating that is going somewhere. It’s either going into the circuitry and damaging it, or it is overheating some safety resistor. It’s also possible that the head roller or drive pulley is not moving at all and what you feel is actually the drive belt or the running belt slipping on the roller. This will damage a $450+ belt (on commercial machines) that is designed to slide against a phenolic surface, not a metal roller . On AC motors, this is pointless since any resistance you feel is between the belt and the deck and belt. If the belt is working correctly, there should be almost no resistance on an AC treadmill. Stick with bikes and ellipticals for this kind of workout, they use alternators which are designed to generate current and have circuitry to dissipate it appropriately.

TLDR: Doing this could be damaging to electronically powered treadmills. If you choose to do this, please proceed at your own risk.

This 45-Degree Treadmill Just Revealed Something Fascinating About Running Extreme Inclines

Standard treadmills only reach a maximum incline of around 9 degrees. But this one, developed by a team of physiologists at the University of Colorado Boulder, goes all the way to 45 degrees. The unique contraption is providing some insights into the best strategies for extreme uphill running.

Source: This 45-Degree Treadmill Just Revealed Something Fascinating About Running Extreme Inclines

The results aren’t very useful given that you don’t have to accelerate your entire body mass constantly on a treadmill. Standing up repeatedly on a moving belt is not a good indicator for propelling your body mass across an actual distance.

The History of the Treadmill Reveals That It Was Basically a Torture Device

Finally!  The truth…


This Treadmill Test Can Predict Your Odds Of Surviving Another Decade

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have devised a simple treadmill test and formula to calculate your odds of surviving the next ten years, and it goes like this: FIT Treadmill Score = %MPHR + 12 (METS) – 4 (age) + 43 (if female). Here’s how it works and what it means to your health.

“The notion that being in good physical shape portends lower death risk is by no means new, but we wanted to quantify that risk precisely by age, gender and fitness level, and do so with an elegantly simple equation that requires no additional fancy testing beyond the standard stress test,” noted team leader Haitham Ahmed of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in a statement.

To create this algorithm, Ahmed’s team studied 58,020 adults from Detroit aged 18 to 96 who were being evaluated for chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting, or dizziness (all of the participants were free from established heart disease). These individuals were put through exercise stress tests from January 1991 through to May 2009.

…You may also not want to evaluate yourself. As noted by Melissa Healy in the LA Times, “Do-it-yourself stress testing is probably not very reliable, since a physician or sports physiologist needs to be around to decide when to call a halt to the test (and therefore what maximum a test-taker has achieved).”

Source: This Treadmill Test Can Predict Your Odds Of Surviving Another Decade

Nuff Said?

The Brazilian ‘getting up off the floor’ test for geriatric mortality prediction is novel because it is so cheap to administer.

Survive a Long Treadmill Run With Quarter Mile Change-Ups

Kudos to you for taking your training to the treadmill this season. The key to marathon preparation is to train with quality and consistency, which you can accomplish on a treadmill. That said, running longer than an hour on a treadmill can be—yawn!—boring, because of the lack of stimulation and scenery change that outdoor long runs provide.

However, it is possible to simulate an outdoor long run indoors without going crazy. Here are my three favorite strategies.

Source: How to Run Long on the Treadmill Without Losing Your Mind

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Treadmill Physics: Why an Indoor Run Isn’t Cheating

…it’s just boring.  My stance is similar on cycling trainers.

Kerrigan, a Harvard Medical School graduate with a masters in physical rehabilitation, spent many years doing research into walking and running biomechanics. When one study indicated that high-heeled shoes can lead to knee arthritis among women, she began looking into healthier designs. Several years ago, she left a tenured position at the University of Virginia to launch Oesh, which makes running and walking shoes for women only.
In her blog, Kerrigan notes that the widely quoted 1% rule represents an oversimplification of the original investigation by England’s Andrew Jones. Jones is the well-respected exercise physiologist who tested Paula Radcliffe during her career, and recently pioneered work with beet juice as a performance-enhancer.

Source: Biomechanics Expert Debunks Treadmill-Running Myths

Please don’t take one piece of literature as an fundamental indication of how biomechanics works. Take a look at some of J Sinclair et al or J Hamill et al’s work on the subject matter as well to diversify your perspective.

Significant differences have been found in acceleration GRF patterns between the two conditions:…
This is reflected in the plantar kinetic patterns:…
Kinematic differences reflect this kinetic chain differentiation:…
More concerning for non-paired comparison, the individualization of response to the two conditions has been identified:
Yet evidence also exists to indicate the increasing constraint to the treadmill condition (which is generally considered the primary source for difference between the two conditions):…

These studies are not limited to push-off analysis, but that isn’t the only event of concern for the treadmill vs overground debate.