Why You Shouldn’t Drink Water After Eating Spicy Foods

My uncle had some tomato plants on his patio that a squirrel would constantly steal.  My uncle finally got fed up with the varmint, he put a habanero plant right next to his tomato plants.  Sure enough, an hour later, he heard a bunch of flopping happening on his patio. The squirrel was all over the place and a partially eaten habanero was laying on the floor.

The squirrel didn’t return to take anything more from the patio. 😀

A New Kind of Brain Stimulation that Uses Magnets and … Spice

It’s time for a shake-up. There is a new way to stimulate a brain using tiny vibrating particles, and it was inspired by the proteins that let us taste spicy foods.

The technique is a twist on deep brain stimulation, which involves sticking electrodes into the brain to deliver rapid pulses of weak current. Such stimulation has shown promise for treating a range of disorders including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. But the need to open up someone’s head to implant electrodes has made it a less than appealing treatment option.

Source: Vibrating magnetic balls stimulate brain wirelessly

I’d make Dune references, but they aren’t relevant.  I’m all for working, non-invasive treatments – I hope this works out.