Genetically-Modified Maggots Could Help Wounds Heal Faster

Scientists at North Carolina State University are bringing an 18th century wound treatment into the 21st century. They’ve genetically modified maggots to secrete a human growth factor to promote healing while they clean people’s wounds.

Source: Genetically-Modified Maggots Could Help Wounds Heal Faster

The news about benefit for leg and feet ulcers is something those of us with blood clotting issues experience too.  It’s gross, I don’t recommend searching for images of it.  But those pictures led me to wear compression socks.  Not medical grade currently – commercial grade socks can be difficult on their own.

Men: 6 Symptoms to Be Aware of

More often than not, we’re too macho, too busy, or (shhh!) too scared to man up and face the person who can help us live a longer, more fulfilling life. But when it comes to seemingly minor symptoms, trying to tough it out could set you up for major trouble down the road.

Guys are nearly 25 percent less likely than women to have visited a doctor in the past year. So it’s no surprise they’re at a much greater risk of being hospitalized for serious health threats such as congestive heart failure and the long-term complications of diabetes.

Source: 6 Super Subtle Symptoms Guys Should Never, Ever Ignore

Guys over 40, have you done your annual prostate exam?  If you or someone you know is between 20 and 40, a check every couple of years is suggested.  Ounce of prevention, pound of cure…