Make Homemade Veggie Burgers that Taste Great and Won’t Fall Apart

Going veg doesn’t mean you have to give up burgers. There are lots of plant-based ingredients you can make delicious burgers with. But if you’ve ever had a veggie burger that falls apart while you’re cooking it or when you take the first bite, you know it’s a less than great experience. Burgers made with meat and/or eggs have lots of sticky saturated fats which help them hold together but vegan burgers don’t have this fat so they often fall apart. Is it possible to keep the saturated fats out of our burgers and still have them hold together? You bet! After a lot of experimentation and a lot of burgers that just didn’t hold up, I finally got a hand on how to keep my veggie burgers from turning into mush. Here are some tricks for making veggie burgers that won’t fall apart.

Source: Tricks for Making Veggie Burgers That Won’t Fall Apart

Black bean patty, guacamole… Mmmmm 🙂

Some have reported a strong flavour when using a “flax egg” replacement.  I’ve covered vegan egg replacements in the past, including using garbanzo bean/chickpea water.

How to Make Healthy Choices at a Summer BBQ

Salad is just lettuce nachos 😉

Not sure what your healthiest options are when faced with an impressive spread at a summer barbeque?  We asked nutrition and wellness expert Rose Reisman to chime in on our best (and worst) options at backyard shindigs this summer.

Source: This or that? How to make healthy choices at a summer barbecue

I’m surprised to see a crisp suggested as a dessert.  I thought they were largely sugar, with some fruit.

Veggie Burgers: Now with Plant Blood!

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal (subscription only) touches on a new breed of start-ups that aim to make eating in the future an easier, healthier, and more vegetarian experience for you. Hold up, techies! What about those of us who still want to eat delicious meat?

Source: There Will Be Blood… In Your Veggie Burger

Someone wants the mess?  I only care about taste personally.

I have to figure this will be considered quaint in a few generations, as more are born into vegetarianism so there isn’t the desire for authenticity of meat from a fake meal product.  But there will still be converts…