Make a Simple Duck Sauce With Jam and Vinegar

I bought my first piece of kitchen equipment when I was 18 years old. It was a hand-hammered wok. Since then, I’ve taught myself to make dumplings, fried rice, wontons, and, more recently, egg rolls. There was just one missing piece in the puzzle to reclaim my Chinese takeout ritual from childhood: duck sauce.

Source: Cheat’s Duck Sauce, Made from 2 Ingredients

FYI: “duck sauce” is a regional name.

Make Easy, Delicious Cold Noodles with This Simple Soy Vinaigrette

Here’s to easy hangover food 😉 😀

  • Chard is really high in vitamin K – I don’t recommend taking up the habit if you don’t regularly eat it already.
  • The video measures the liquid in grams – the recipe here has common measurements.
  • The chef strains out the ginger and garlic… This appears to be a bit of ad libbing. While the original directions state to “strain”, it does not specifically call out garlic and/or ginger.

The Best Wine Substitutes for Deglazing Your Pan (and More)

Like Julia Child before me, I enjoy cooking with wine, and find that it works just as well as a companion as it does an ingredient. But every once in awhile I’ll find the wine rack empty. This is unfortunate, but there are a couple of great substitutes already in your pantry perfect for deglazing.

Source: The Best Wine Substitutes for Deglazing Your Pan (and More)

If you’re cooking for someone that has a sensitivity to alcohol that its a falsehood that alcohol cooks out, especially in the time it takes to build a pan sauce.

Mind that there’s no information on how much vitamin K there might be in kombucha.  So be careful how much you have, and test often if necessary.

This Rat Experiment Will Haunt You, But Not For The Reason You Think

This experiment, done on lab rats, isn’t terribly cruel. It will still probably keep you up at night when you’re thinking about hiring an exterminator.

Source: This Rat Experiment Will Haunt You, But Not For The Reason You Think

Pet rats are wonderful. They’re smart, playful, affectionate, and often hilarious. I think it’s important to distinguish between the kind you willingly keep your home, and the wild kind (especially the huge city-dwellers).

Remove Odors from Your Entire Home by Simmering Vinegar

Some of our favorite tips in the kitchen are for getting it sparkling clean; these are their stories.

Source: 7 Kitchen Cleaning Tricks That Really Work

The fruit fly one is interesting.  …Not that I have a need for it… 😉

How/why does this work? What does the vinegar do?

Vinegar is about 90% water, and about 5-10% acetic acid.  Most scented molecules contain a functional group like an amine (putrescine, for example, one of the rotting smells), a thiol (ethanethiol, i.e. skunk smell), or other non-carbon molecules. Acetic acid can bind these to form molecules that your nose can not detect, thus eliminating the odor. Even if it’s not forming an actual chemical bond, it can still coordinate (i.e. form hydrogen bonds, which are pretty strong themselves. It’s analogous to dissolving.) thus removing the scented molecules from the air, woodwork, carpet, etc.

Keep Precious Stone Fruit From Bruising by Storing It Upside Down

Has this ever happened to you? You stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmers market, only to find that a few days later your produce is mottled with bruises, brown spots, and wrinkly skin. The odds are good that this premature rotting has nothing to do with the quality of your produce — it is most likely the result of improper storage

Source: Keep Your Peaches Upside-Down and 9 Other Tips for Storing Summer Produce

What kind of precious stones are you finding in your peaches? Around here, they just have regular pits 😉

Make Delicious Sweet and Sour Shrubs Using This Easy Ratio

If you’ve never had a shrub before, it’s just about the most refreshing thing you can think to drink—especially in the summer. It starts with a syrup that’s a combination of vinegar, fruit, and sugar. The fruit tastes like its truest self and the vinegar cuts right through it. Add it to a glass, then bubbles to make it bright. The alcohol is optional, but awfully good.

Source: How to Make Shrubs (aka Drinking Vinegars) Without a Recipe

What is this drinkable sorcery and why haven’t I ever had any? And why the strange name? I must try some… I just hope it doesn’t blind me… or worse!

Brighten Up Any Dish by Adding a Little Acidity

There are times when seasoning more with more salt, pepper and herbs just isn’t the answer. For those times, a dash of acid usually rounds things out perfectly. Adding an acid (like lemon juice, vinegar or tomatoes) punches up a dish, often completely changing or rounding out the flavors and creating more balance. I cook a lot with grains at home, and if I throw together a ho-hum grain bowl or pasta dish, it’s often a little lemon zest and juice that wakes things up and makes it truly tasty. Citrus also cuts through fat nicely, making heavy bland sauces more delicious.

Source: Quick Fix to a Bland Meal? Add Some Acid!

Squeeze some fresh lemon juice over fresh steamed broccoli for an amazing experience.  Way better than melted butter!

Quick Pickle Pretty Much Anything with One Simple Ratio

Ask me what I’d do with nearly any summer vegetable, and the answer is almost always the same: “Pickle it.” Yellow squash, pickle it. Green beans, pickle them. Cherries, pickle those too. It’s hard to beat the sharp tang and crisp snap of a good quick pickle, a fast and easy process that leaves them tasting of summer.

Source: How to Pickle Basically Everything

I’ll have to make room by eating the oven roasted peppers I did a while back…

Why Is The Vinegar On Your Salt And Vinegar Potato Chips A Powder?

If vinegar is a liquid, why are most salt and vinegar potato chips covered in a powder? Here’s a little food science to help you understand your weekend snacks.

When you fry potato chips at home (and who doesn’t?), you make salt and vinegar potato chips by soaking the raw potatoes in a mixture of vinegar and water before cooking them up. That’s not always an option for making the chips on an industrial scale, and the flavor isn’t as sharp as many people prefer. The best way to make salt and vinegar flavored potato chips is the best way to make any kind of potato chips: flavor powder.

Source: Why Is The Vinegar On Your Salt And Vinegar Potato Chips A Powder?

Lies! It’s guilt powder.

It’s been a long time since I ate potato chips/crisps, but I remember that they rivaled Fruit Loops for the ability to cut the roof of my mouth.  I preferred “All Dressed” because I liked the tang, rather than sharp bitterness of salt and vinegar.