Use Strawberry Tops to Create Fruity Spa Water Instead of Tossing Them

We’re re-running one of our favorite summertime, zero-waste kitchen tips. Don’t toss those strawberry tops: Turn them into a sweet, refreshing infused water.

Source: How to Use Your Strawberry Tops

If you’re making a big batch, and don’t plan on drinking it all within a day… Strain out the tops after a few hours of infusing. Unless you like the taste of rotten strawberries. 😉

Americans Agree: Everyone But Them Is Wasting Their Food

We know that Americans throw out a lot of food, but, hey, why are we doing it? A new survey tries something new to figure it out: It asks us.

Source: Americans Agree: Everyone But Them Is Wasting Their Food

Food waste has been covered in numerous posts in the past – “wonky veg” and such.

I don’t know when it started, but locally we have to separate food scraps from garbage.  The food scraps go to a compost facility, which I believe is being relocated because neighbours complain of the smell.

(Only) Two Rules for a Good Diet

Yet every day I’m asked, “How do I know that what I’m buying is O.K.?” It seems the better educated and more concerned people are about this, the more confused they are. Drill deep enough and the list to worry about becomes overwhelming: organics, genetically modified organisms, carbon footprint, packaging, fair trade, waste, labor, animal welfare and for all I know the quality of the water that’s being used to wash your organic greens.

Source: (Only) Two Rules for a Good Diet

It’s very similar to a previous post: Most Diets Boil Down to: Eat More Vegetables