11 Fruit and Veggie Parts You Shouldn’t Throw Away

Before you peel your apples, de-stem your broccoli or core your pineapple, stop and consider what you may be missing out on. The greens of a beet root, for example, actually contain more nutrients than the beet itself! Or how about those pumpkin seeds you’ve been tossing? They contain almost half your daily dose of magnesium!

Cooking with the ‘castaways’ can be beneficial on many levels. Not only will you be reaping the nutritional benefits, you’ll be saving money too! Think of all that waste you could be putting to good use – by stretching your ingredients, you could serve and save more.

Source: 11 Fruit and Veggie Parts You Shouldn’t Throw Away

Broccoli and cauliflower are moderate vitamin K risks.   Beet greens are to be avoided – they contain amounts of vitamin K on par with spinach, kale, etc.  The beets – they can’t be… beet? 🙂

I haven’t looked into celery, whose nutritional value might even be less than iceberg lettuce…