A Recipe for Your Hangover Michelada That’s Impossible to Screw Up

It’s morning. Probably. You’re disoriented, the inside of your mouth has been replaced by ass-flavored shellac, and somehow it’s 87 degrees at 10 a.m. The full weight of last night will soon come rushing back to you, and you need enough hair of the dog to qualify as taxidermy in order to steel yourself against the impending nausea.

Source: A Recipe for Your Hangover Michelada That’s Impossible to Screw Up

You’re probably thinking “All you need is bloody mary mix, and a beer”…

Bloody Mary mix will work in a pinch, but “all you need” is a stretch. That’s sort of like saying that cooking dinner is a waste of time because Hungry Man salisbury steaks exist.

Change Up Your Chili Recipe with a Little Balsamic Vinegar

It’s fairly obvious that tomatoes and balsamic vinegar are in a serious relationship. (Rumors have it that they eloped last year, but it has yet to be confirmed.) When used together, you get that signature tangy, sweet, salty thing that somehow totally transforms your dish. What a pair!

You’re probably aware that these lovebirds are perfect together in a summer caprese salad, but have you tried adding a few healthy dashes of the vinegar to your bowl of tomato-based chili?

Source: Balsamic Vinegar Is My Secret Ingredient for Great Chili

It’s good in most anything tomato – bolognese too.  Worcester (three times fast!) sauce is another substitute, though many contain anchovies (concern for people with fish allergies) and thus not vegan or no-fish vegetarian.

The following chili recipes are low in vitamin k:

Pumpkin however is not low in vitamin k – 1 cup/240 grams of pumpkin has 2 mcg of vitamin K (2% Daily Value).  The following recipe calls for almost 6 cups of pumpkin (though you can substitute with butternut, Red Kuri, or Golden Hubbard).  You can eat it, but share: