Why Hitting a Weight Loss Plateau Is Actually a Good Thing

Most people lose a little bit of weight, hit a plateau, then immediately give up when things aren’t going as quickly as they were before. Most people gain that weight back and then some. This whole phenomenon of quitting when things are going more slowly is a bit like hitting traffic on your way home from work, and abandoning your car on the side of the road because you’re not driving as fast as you wanted. Or getting a flat tire and slashing the other three.

There’s a mantra in Zen: “the obstacles are the path.”

Source: The Upside of a Weight-Loss Plateau

Whenever you get down about a plateau, get on the scale and look at the number.  Grab enough weight to get the scale to say what it said when you started. It always puts things in perspective.  I’ve covered dealing with a weight loss stall previously.

Know that failing on a diet can be good, and what’s necessary to make the weight loss stay gone.  Also, know what to expect about successful weight loss.